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QA. 100k. Per day.

Our controller lab runs hundreds of thousands of simulations per day, showing it is more than just a room full of pretty lights.

Hi, this is Heather from Parabit.

I'm in our fabrication center, for Fab Friday, to share another look at how we use technology and organizational procedures to deliver such a high degree of performance reliability.

In addition to manufacturing hardware, we develop embedded solutions that we deploy to banking, retail and other industries. We serve 5 of the world's top 10 financial institutions, and 14 of the top 15 US retail banks with our industry-leading retail customer access solution.

Today, I'm in our controller lab where we conduct QA testing on all changes and updates to our software, firmware and databases. We have over 90 controllers that we continuously monitor system performance. So, prior to releasing a new version of software or firmware, we will simulate a production environment in our test lab, and monitor it through a variety of stress testing.

Once approved, we release to our customers for implementation, or sometimes, for large scale deployments to our customers, engineering or innovation labs for further analysis prior to deployment. Once released, we continue to monitor live environments and feature sets to better support our customers for troublshooting as well as investigative functions.

Additionally, in today's landscape of elevated cyber threats, some of our customers have network security requirements, such as 802.1x, which is an authentication method that verifies that devices are approved to connect to a network, and we conduct that testing here as well.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into our controller lab, we have some exciting new product releases and updates dropping soon. So, my banking and retail people especially stayed tuned, you won't want to miss these.


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