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Parabit is an engineering company specializing in providing a comprehensive range of security and self-service hardware and software products and solutions, ensuring satisfied customer experiences across all industries. We’re proud of our diversified skilled teams of experts who continuously provide research, design, prototyping, fabrication, integration, deployment, maintenance, training and monitoring of customer experience, self-service and security products and solutions. Parabit’s headquarters is located on Long Island, 20 minutes east of JFK airport. We proudly develop and manufacture all our products and solutions in New York, ensuring Buy American Act compliance. 


Established in 1995 by Rob Leiponis, President and CEO, Parabit has experienced substantial growth over the course of 28 years. We have successfully catered to renowned clients within the Banking, Education, Government, Medical, Transportation, Event Space and Retail sectors. Additionally, Parabit maintains close collaborations with many security and IT integrators to ensure global support.


At Parabit, our relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to revolutionize safety, security, self-service, customer experience and accessibility. Through cutting-edge designs, meticulous manufacturing processes, seamless installation, and unwavering commitment to support, we aspire to shape a world where individuals can navigate through life with unwavering confidence. Our mission ensures that customer experience, self-service, safety, and accessibility become an inseparable part of people's lives.

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Parabit is Buy American Act compliant under the “Build America, Buy America Act.”


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With our CEO, Rob Leoponis

The History of Parabit featuring Rob Leiponis 

Product Discussion featuring Rob Leiponis and Heather Glezen

A Bit About Podcast on CEO Perspectives featuring Rob Leiponis

Product Discussion featuring Rob Leiponis and Heather Glezen

A Bit About Podcast featuring Stephen Joseph of Axis Communications

A Bit About Podcast featuring Bryant Walker of BRO Airport

A Bit About Podcast featuring Rob Leiponis and Kevin Whaley of George Washington University Hospital

A Bit About Podcast featuring Rob Leiponis and David M. Friedman of Apple Bank

A Bit About Podcast featuring Rob Leiponis and Heather Glezen



"Many years ago, there was a law that was created to provide a safer ATM environment. Unfortunately, a congresswoman was mugged in the lobby many years ago back in the eighties and a mandate was created in New York State that would require only customers with financial cards to get into the ATM lobby. We were able to go to market relatively quickly with the products that we created at the beginning of Parabit Systems, which as auto-dial telephones, as well as a card access system. Parabit systems grew and evolved from those initial products by partnering with many of the customers that we have in developing solutions that we're solving problems that they had on their day-to-day operations. We work very closely with our customers and query them on what are the challenges that they're having with running the of their business.

Rob Leiponis

CEO and Founder of Parabit System, Inc.

Speaking on the history of Parabit


"For the most part, capturing good facial images are really important, especially when you're dealing with customer-facing environments. One of the main challenges that a lot of these businesses have is being able to place cameras at an optimal location to be able to capture great facial images. When incidents occur, and law enforcement is called in and they need to capture or be able to get evidence as it relates to who may have perpetrated a crime, being able to have that optimal image to be able to recognize and provide forensic detail is really, really important in those use cases. So we're creating a smarter, safer environment for the customer. We're able to capture data, and we're able to create an overall better experience for those customers when they do come into those brick and mortar spaces.

Stephen Joseph

Segment Development Manager of Banking and Finance of Axis Communications

Speaking on Parabit Surveillance Camera Housings in financial institutions and retail


"The previous terminal was outdated, outmoded. It didn't comply with most of the regulations out there for TSA, for CBP, for the international component to the airport, so, it had a high, high maintenance cost just on a day-to-day use. So, just to maintain the jobs, maintain the service and connectivity for the community, we had to build a new one. When we did that we wanted to make sure that we future-proofed the terminal itself, and built the technology and components in it that we could expand on and integrate technologies that yet don't exist, as well as the latest technology that Parabit provided a lot of when we built this. So we expanded the terminal from initial 37,000 square feet, old terminal, we expanded this one into a 92,000 square foot terminal with a complete compliant FIS and checkpoint for security and those types of things. And then of course we did add a lot of those technology components, everything from the curb to gate passenger experience.

Bryant Walker

Assistant City Manager and Aviation Administrator for the city of Brownsville


Speaking about the Parabit products installed at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport 


"One of the new systems we have started using is by Parabit and it is around the ATM safety and security realm, where it does the regulatory requirement of card access on our doors, but they’ve added some value-added features to the system like door status monitoring, light level detection, human presence monitoring - these are innovations, these are tools that could take us to the next level and risk mitigation in terms of our ATM vestibules and our customers experiences.

David M. Friedman

Chief Security Officer and Head of Physical Security, Apple Bank

Speaking on the Parabit Access Control Solution Installed in Apple Bank




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