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What are some ways we use 3D printing?

Heather Glezen, Business Development Manager, shows us one of many methods that go into fabrication: 3D printing

Hi, my name is Heather.

I’m with Parabit Systems in the capacity of business development. And today I’m in our fabrication center on Friday, #FabFriday, where we own every vertical step of the manufacturing process.

From product design to prototyping technology integration to scalable production runs, we do everything in-house, which helps us control production time, as well as cost.

Right now I'm in our 3D printing lab, which is a technology that we use to evaluate and improve product design, as well as reduce costs. We 3D print a lot of smaller components that are part of larger solutions.

These are brackets that we just finished printing, and they support miniature cameras that we integrate into our camera enclosures that we then deploy to facilitate a high-quality facial image capture,, and line of sight, supporting analytics.

Another way that we use 3D printing is to create small models of our larger solutions. Printing right now is a model of our seatback charging stations, which is an aviation solution that we've deployed to airports and airlines to help them optimize flexibility for their gate hold charging.

When that completes, I will be bringing that, as well as these small versions of our power pole and FIS podium with me to Las Vegas. As we prepare to exhibit at the American Association of Airport Executives Annual Conference. We'll be in booth, 624, and we'd love to connect there.

See you in Vegas.


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