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Parabit device charging stations are perfect for airport gate holds, hospital waiting rooms, bus terminals, train stations, universities, and more. The sleek, durable, and reliable public stations come in many configurations to suit specific charging needs and space limitations.

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Charging Tables feature stainless steel construction, duplex receptacles, USB port and wireless charging disc options, non-Illuminated or illuminated graphic blades, scratch resistant surface, available in multiple height and width configurations, hard wired, and are ADA Compliant.

Designed to support the Parabit Charging Table Collection. Built to withstand high-volume traffic at airports, bus terminals, hospitals, school campuses, and anyplace convenient device charging is needed. Providing sturdy seating to transform a charging table into a practical work station, stools are extremely durable and can fit any environment.

Power Poles are ready to enhance the customer experience with a foot rest bar, duplex receptacle, USB, and wireless charging stations, and non-illuminated or illuminated graphic panels, and more. Our poles are made with stainless steel construction, and come hard-wired or with portable options. The outer rim color option gives the power poles a little something extra.

The Astor Power Dock is compatible with countless tabletop and seating locations, available in US and international sockets, and accommodates any device that needs to be charged.

The Fulton Power Dock is compatible with countless locations, available in US and international sockets, and accommodates any device that needs to be charged.


Parabit's plugs and socket types provided include Type B, Type E, Type G, Tye L, Type N, Double USB Sockets, 1 Type A & 1 Type C, Type C, Type F, Type I, Type M, Multi-Configuration Outlet, 2 Type C, and Qi Wireless Charging Discs.

Soft cord options include 15 AMP soft cord plug options and 20 AMP soft cord plug options.

Parabit offers a wide range of custom design options to create the ideal product for your company/brand. From seatback charging stations, power stanchions and charging tables, we provide the means to make the charging station that's right for you. 

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