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The History of Parabit

Making products to keep people safe leads to a legacy of innovation.

Video Transcript

Many years ago, there was a law that was created to provide a safer ATM environment. Unfortunately, a congresswoman was mugged in a lobby many years ago, back in the 80's, and a mandate was created in New York State that would require only customers with financial cards to get into the ATM lobby.

We were able to go to market relatively quickly with the products that we created at the beginning of Parabit Systems, which is auto dial telephones, as well as our card access system. Parabit Systems grew and evolved from those initial products by partnering with many of the customers that we have, in developing solutions that are solving problems that they had on their day-to-day operations.

We work very closely with our customers and query them on the challenges that they're having with running the operation of their business. Through that collaboration, we've developed several solutions over the years that have been widely accepted.

Over time, we have developed a very great team that is extremely intelligent and very transparent. They all exude an extreme amount of care in everything that they do for the company to help us maintain the high standards and quality that we've been able to develop.

We've constantly looked at reengineering our products to provide more robust feature sets in the solutions that we provide to our customers.


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