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Parabit is committed to designing durable and reliable products and understands the unique needs of transportation, aligning capabilities to deliver flexible solutions that focus on people and accommodate constant change. Building trust through health and safety features, providing intuitive engagement with resources and technology, and offering ADA/PRM (persons of reduced mobility) accessibility, Parabit helps airports deliver an exceptional passenger experience. 


Through collaborative relationships with federal agencies and technology partners, the Parabit infrastructure solutions help airports improve security, support a touchless experience, and leverage analytics and biometrics. Parabit develops adaptable solutions that meet evolving needs, integrating technology designed to accommodate solution upgrades, easy component repair/replacement, and increase operational efficiency. As aviation stakeholders rethink the use of space and further explore phygital transformation, the suite of solutions and services delivers future-ready designs.

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Improve customer experience with reliable charging stations available in multiple configurations to suit specific charging needs and space limitations. Traditional and distributed power solutions are available with tamper-proof outlets and branding options to offset maintenance and purchase costs with advertising revenue.

Industries Gallery Seatback ADA
Industries Gallery Self-Service

Take self-service to the next level with Parabit Boarding Pass Bag Tag kiosks. They provide a total solution for customer check-in ensuring a secure, easy process. The kiosks also provide a streamlined workflow for Airport staff eliminating the wait for luggage tags.

​Passenger information display systems (PIDS, FIDS, BIDS, TIDS, etc.) are important for every travel industry. Digital display boards can show flight information, bus times, train departures or anything else important to the customer, and digital signage can add advertising revenue streams.

The FIDS PIDS Passenger Information display screens monitors installed in Brownsville BRO airport aviation in a terminal for passenger navigation help and flight information display on the screens
Outdoor Pylons BRO Install

Pylons provide the opportunity to integrate digital signage, wayfinding information, and local directories into a highly visible structure. Improve the look and customer experience in airports, bus terminals, train stations, or other travel destinations.

Optimize line of sight and facial image capture with surveillance camera housings. Housings accommodate all makes and models of miniature/modular cameras and support biometrics, edge analytics, AI, and DLPU. Flexible installation options such as Doorway, Counter Mount, Drive Up and Wall Mount offers a solution for every application.

Flight attendant airport aviation employees at desk with Parabit counter mount installed on the counter to monitor the terminal and prevent crime
Parabit Welcome Center Installed in Laguardia LGA Airport Aviation Terminal C arrivals departures with the Parabit Astor Charging Power Docks, digital enclosures and interactive signage, touchscreen tablets, phone kiosks, large format enclosures and benches installed and services through Parabit


Welcome Centers enhance the customer experience and improve safety. They provide airport services and visitor information on local resources with opportunities to generate advertising and promotional revenue. Parabit designs and manufactures welcome centers in any shape, style or size to suit all needs.

Parabit provides custom-designed mounts for access control devices including flexible positioning, optional cameras for added security, and a variety of mounting options to suit the installation environment.

A man walking through a turnstile with an IDEMIA Visionpass on a Parabit turnstile mount helping the man gain entry into the facility through access control and biometrics, AI and scanning facial recognition
BRO FIS Podiums

Need a more robust electronic information solution? Parabit builds digital enclosures in any size and shape required. They can be used for information or entertainment and are sure to improve the customer experience.

Whether looking for fully featured security desks, interactive information desks, or a desk or podium that can display advertising/branding, Parabit has a solution for you.

Dual Atlas
Parabit Vandal resistant telephone with keypad also used as a courtesy phone in a facility for corporate office buildings, government buildings

Delivering the infrastructure for security and compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile and Bluetooth technology. From 24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, our Retail Customer Access Control solution provides critical components that enhance customer experience and improve business performance.

Vandal-resistant telephones with auto, speed, and directory dial options provide a durable and reliable communication solution for facilities. Handsfree and handset options are available as well as custom phone cord lengths for security and customer service use cases. Optional PhoneChecker software remotely programs, checks connectivity and provides daily weekly, and monthly usage statistics.

MMR reader on bus
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