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Looking for a proven solution for public, retail, customer and building Access Control? Parabit integrated hardware and software offers a full-service access system. Whether you’re looking for loitering detection, light failure detection, remote door lock, monitoring software control or the ability to host all of these features on a secure, third-party server, Parabit has the solutions to keep lobbies safe and secure for customers. Whether it's ATM Access Control, storefronts, access doors, or any facility in need of secure public access, the tailor-made systems are designed to meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. 

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ACS Software Suite includes:




Event Message Receiver (EMR) 


AFH: Audit Trail - Firmware - Health Check Service 


AXSVIEW: Message Transceiver Service

Maintain security, compliance and customer satisfaction with the correct bypass and exit devices for your facility. Ensure multiple forms of egress through touchless wave, push button, REX motion sensors, mechanical push bars and more. Flexible mounting and delivery options allow you to maintain the look and feel of your location as well as customize security options to your needs.​

Get the locking devices that best suit your needs as a business. Locking devices can integrate with entrance and exit devices, as well as other access control solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Parabit’s patented SkimGard® Technology is engineered to detect virtually all skimming devices discovered and investigated by law enforcement and FI’s. Skimming threats include reader tamper, cable cut, skimmer overlay, reader replacement and RFID sniffers. The design also helps resist shimming. SkimGard® Technology integrates with all alarm panels, video recorders and ATM out-of-service inputs.

Parabit readers and ACS-1EUL control panels authenticate entry to self-service banking lobbies and rooms through validation of an approved financial card data structure.​


Access can be limited to a specific institution or granted to all qualifying visitors. Various levels of data capture and encryption are available, while programming, audit trails and various reporting functions can be performed for stand-alone branches or

enterprise deployments.

Collars are easily integrated with any of the Parabit readers, with a durable design, built to last. Available in black, white and silver standard colors.

Cover plates standard colors are silver and black, custom colors available.

Dynamic cloud based door unlock via Bluetooth® and NFC enabled mobile devices. MMR® App SDK command sets​:​​

  • Adjustable door unlock time for physically impaired customers
    and enhanced ADA accessibility

  • Police and fire department emergency contact

  • Local phone number speed dial 

  • Cloud-based remote door unlock 

  • Find branch/ATM of installed MMR-BT

  • Available for iPhone iOS X and greater and Android OS X and greater 

ACS Software Suite is now provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). The SaaS solution provides rapid deployment of our supervised remote managed ACS-1EUL-MMR-BT Access Control solution.​ Any size financial institution can easily and affordably deploy our ACS Software Suite including ACS Enterprise, AXSView, and AFH Services.

The Parabit MMR (Multi-media Reader) is the class-leading, industry standards for ATM lobbies/vestibules, branches and general retail businesses. 

From custom exit bars, to door pulls, to card reader-handicap posts, to magnet housings and conduit, we can manufacture any custom hardware in any material or finish for any environment that requires an elegant and vandal resistant product. Our design engineers are available to design any Access Control accessory or custom camera enclosure.

Your entrance and exit solution is only as good as the power you supply to it. Our battery-backed power supplies keep your door locks going, even when your power gives out. Professionally installed conduit can be customized to fit your aesthetics and resist tampering.

Parabit’s  provides a hands-free door opening solution for any business looking to reduce the spread of germs from common touch-points. Built with proximity motion-sensing technology, just a wave of your hand will activate the sensor allowing for touchless access. Ideal for use in high traffic, clean or controlled entrance/exit environments such as hospitals, food processing plants, malls, stadiums, ATM lobbies, pawn shops and more.


With ACaaS, Parabit turns ATM lobbies into clean, safe, and pleasant-to-use spaces.

ACaaS provides best in class access control with skimming, loitering and low light detection, limited access hours, deny access to specified cards to locations, remote configuration, firmware updates, providing accurate law enforcement dispatch, and many more features.