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Parabit Surveillance Camera Housings have many different mounting options for maximum flexibility. Place cameras in ideal locations for best facial imaging such as door mullion, countertops, walls, frames, and bollards. Low profile and small format options give you discreet surveillance that can be placed at eye level. Parabit covert housings and enclosures accommodate all miniature cameras from any manufacturer and support analytics, biometrics, access control, and more.

While height strips are somewhat effective to identify evildoers, they rely on witness memory which may not always be accurate. Now Parabit provides a solution to that problem with the Height Strip Camera Housing. Combining the benefits of a height strip with the ability to capture a facial image of a potential criminal, they install in any standard door frame or mullion. Unlike an overhead security camera, these housings provide the perfect framing of a persons face, making identification easy. 

Deliver high-quality line of sight and facial image capture supporting biometrics, edge analytics, AI and DLPU. Made of lightweight, durable material, supporting AXIS Communications camera models.


Parabit provides a hands-free door-opening solution for any business looking to reduce the spread of germs from common touch-points. Built with proximity motion-sensing technology, just a wave of your hand will activate the sensor allowing for touchless access. Ideal for use in high traffic, clean or controlled entrance/exit environments such as hospitals, food processing plants, malls, stadiums, ATM lobbies, pawn shops and more.

Parabit now offers the ultimate in security for Banks and Credit Unions. The FDIC / NCUA housing appears to be innocuous signage found in any bank. Inside is a miniature camera virtually undetectable to an alert observer. Discreetly monitor your facility providing the security you need.

Cameras sold separately.

Exceptional Parabit design, engineering, and production teams thrive evaluating the most challenging requirements, and developing detailed features that drive extraordinary results. Contact us to discus custom solutions.