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With over 27 years of experience working with Banks both large and small, Parabit provides top of the line hardware and software solutions. Parabit is a leading provider in ATM security, and provides the products to keep facilities safe. 

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Delivering the infrastructure for security and compliance as well as innovative applications of Mobile and Bluetooth technology. From 24-hour managed access to complex initiatives, our Retail Customer Access Control solution provides critical components that enhance customer experience and improve business performance.

Self-service banking kiosks enhance security, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Our kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for visitors, staff, and vendors.

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Parabit Hera ATM surround installed in the lobby of Gold Coast Bank with durable hardware and ATM ITM enhancements

ATM enclosures, toppers, and surrounds provide added value to your ATMs. These enhancements promote your brand and provide advertising opportunities for added revenue. They can also provide added security by integrating discreet cameras within. We create enclosures for indoor and outdoor ATMs.

Sensors provide additional security for your facility. They can be configured to automate functions such as lighting or lobby access, and can provide alerts for loitering and door ajar. You can even control your lobby remotely to lock it down when needed.

Three people in red loitering in a bank or credit union financial institution lobby and the Parabit Active Presence detector is detecting crime, loitering and vagrancy sending remote monitoring alerts
Parabit BR Glass Discreet Camera enclosure in white attached to the bank branch desk plexiglass to monitor and secure the premises and prevent note passing buglers and hold us

Optimize line of sight and facial image capture with surveillance camera housings. Housings accommodate all makes and models of miniature/modular cameras and support biometrics, edge analytics, AI, and DLPU. Flexible installation options such as Doorway, Counter Mount, Drive Up and Wall Mount offers a solution for every application.

Vandal-resistant telephones with auto, speed, and directory dial options provide a durable and reliable communication solution for facilities. Handsfree and handset options are available as well as custom phone cord lengths for security and customer service use cases. Optional PhoneChecker software remotely programs, checks connectivity, and provides daily weekly, and monthly usage statistics.

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Interactive digital signage provides customer information and direction with a modern appearance. It can also be used to promote banking products while customers wait for assistance. Update your branches experience with a custom designed solution.

Proud member of the ATM Security Association 

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