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Parabit's Multi Media Reader - Reliability Built In

Heather Glezen, Business Development Manager, shows us the many ways we test our MMR to make sure it works when you need it to.

Hi, this is Heather from Parabit.

I'm back in our fabrication center, for another Fab Friday, to share another peek of some of the magic that we do behind the scenes.

In addition to manufacturing hardware, we develop embedded systems that we deploy to banking, retail, and other industries. Our industry-leading retail customer access solution utilizes our patented multimedia reader, or MMR as it's referred to, to read mag stripe, debit, and credit cards, and also NFC cards and mobile devices with a mobile wallet.

Today I'm in our reliability testing lab, which is a critical step in how we design, manufacture, and evaluate our readers. Over here, I'd like to show you our automated tap and swipe machines that we developed to very efficiently evaluate card reader reliability. So over a period of weeks, we will test literally 1000s of card reads and capture data, and monitor the readers, and evaluate both magstripe and NFC technology efficiency.

Additionally, all of our readers must pass electrical stress testing. So, our burn-in racks help us test readers under elevated electrical parameters to ensure that the hardware meets our design specs. Additionally, we have an environmental chamber that we evaluate reader liability under extreme temperature ranges. All of our readers must pass temperature gauge readings between zero and 130 degrees before they're released. And for unique projects or deployment locations, we can also expand that range to test from negative 55 up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick information about our multimedia reader, and I hope you make plans to come see us at GSX. We have some very interesting news that we're going to be dropping soon regarding our MMR readers.


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