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Security is critical at government facilities, and Parabit provides the products to meet that need. We work with various government facilities to enhance security and safety. Parabit provided a complete visitor management solution for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Our self-service kiosks are available in many shapes and sizes. They provide a secure solution for visitor registration. Our expert design, engineering, and installation teams can seamlessly integrate the latest technology into your existing infrastructure for added security.

Self-service kiosks enhance security, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Our kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for customers, staff, and vendors.


Proposed: Vandal-resistant telephones with auto, speed, and directory dial options provide a durable and reliable communication solution for Government facilities. Handsfree and handset options are available as well as custom phone cord lengths for security and customer service use cases. Optional PhoneChecker software remotely programs, checks connectivity and provides daily weekly, and monthly usage statistics.

Optimize line of sight and facial image capture with discreet camera enclosures. Enclosures accommodate all makes and models of miniature / modular cameras and support biometrics, edge analytics, AI, and DLPU. Flexible installation options such as Doorway, Counter Mount, Drive Up and Wall Mount offers a solution for every application. 

Auto Dial Surface WallMount I Gallery.jpg

Whether you are looking for fully featured security desks, interactive information desks, or a desk or podium that you can display advertising/branding on, we have a solution for you.

Provide information and updates using interactive digital displays. Our custom made enclosures are perfect for any government facility to post important content. Improve appearance and modernize existing facilities.

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 Ideal for use in high traffic, clean or controlled entrance / exit environments, this hands-free door opening solution helps to reduce the spread of germs from common touchpoints. Just a wave of your hand will activate the sensor allowing for contactless entry or egress to any location. 

Sensors can be integrated into door control access systems to manage light levels or detect presence. They can be configured to alert for loitering or door ajar, and even have remote lobby lock-down capability.

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