Wayfinding Kiosks

Need an interactive wayfinding kiosk? Look no further. Our intuitive software, digital advertising and outdoor options allow you to offer multiple levels of self-help to your customer where and when they need it most.


Wayfinding Kiosks

Parabit products integrate seamlessly with wayfinding software to enhance the way people experience physical environments. Units utilize a secure web browser to provide visitors with an informational directory. They implement interactive touch screens for navigation, splash screens to provide advertising opportunities, and a menu navigation system with categories, sub categories and extensive profile information. Indoor and outdoor models allow for flexible placement for improved customer engagement and experience.


  • Easy to understand, interactive wayfinding tools

  • Secure web browser

  • Multi-language capabilities

  • Revenue-generating opportunities

  • Integration with existing data

Commonly used in:

  • Airports

  • Shopping Malls

  • Museums

  • Art Galleries

  • Hospitals

  • School Campuses

  • Train Stations

  • Bus Terminals

  • Corporate Campuses

  • Housing Developments

  • Vacation Resorts

  • Retail Destinations

  • Stadiums and Event Venues

  • Casinos

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.

Wayfinding Software
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