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With over 20 years of providing security solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, Parabit understands the needs of educators and administrators. Parabit has developed comprehensive solutions designed to keep school campuses safe. The expert design, engineering, and installation teams can seamlessly integrate the latest technology into existing infrastructures. Manage lobbies and monitor halls and classrooms with a complete security solution from Parabit.

Enhance campus security by adding doorway cameras. Parabit surveillance housings fit any standard door fame casing, mullion, or door jamb and can be anodized to any (pantone) color. They can also be used with height strip tape to provide added security.

Industries Gallery Emergency Telephone College.png
Transom corner mount Parabit Discreet Camera Enclosure installed at the top of a doorway in an educational school or university for security surveillance monitoring

Vandal-resistant telephones with auto, speed and directory dial options provide a durable and reliable communication solution for Education facilities. Handsfree and handset options are available as well as custom phone cord lengths for security and customer service use cases. Optional PhoneChecker software remotely programs, checks connectivity, and provides daily, weekly, and monthly usage statistics.

Sensors can be integrated into door control access systems to manage light levels or detect presence. They can be configured to alert for loitering or door ajar, and even have remote lobby lock-down capability.

Industries Gallery PowerPole Edu.png

Parabit device charging stations are ideal for the connected classroom. The durable stations come in a variety of configurations to suit space limitations. They provide convenient charging access for phones, laptops, and other devices.

Self-service kiosks enhance security, increase satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Parabit kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for students, visitors, staff, and vendors.

A man in a car reaching his hand out of the window to check in at a school or university with the Parabit Drive-up camera enclosure installed on a yellow bollard for monitoring outside of a facility for monitoring and surveillance
The Parabit Venus Pedestal Kiosk in an education school or university lobby hallway entryway for students, teachers, parents or visitors to self-service check in securely with visitor management services

Parabit Drive-up camera housings can simultaneously capture a driver’s face along with their vehicle license plate. Enhance the security at all entrances and exits to permit those authorized to enter and leave the campus as well as capture a complete record of all visitors.

Copy of Dual Atlas_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Two students with luggage who are passengers at an airport are walking by and viewing the Parabit Pylon Curbside outdoor digital signage enclosure at the curb of an airport for arrivals and departures with screens for FIDS, PIDS, passenger information displays and flight information displays as well as navigation options

Update campuses with a video wall! It is sure to capture students' attention, and you can display the content needed. Parabit custom designs and installs enclosures and kiosks in any shape or size. They are ideal for promoting school activities, sharing information, and even providing interactive educational opportunities. 

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