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New Product Announcement: Wave to Open Switch

Introducing a new product line that combines contactless convenience with a push-button option.

Wave exit device and push button exit device

Parabit’s touchless Wave and Push-Button Exit Device reduces the spread of germs from common touch points. Available in both Infrared and Doppler versions, the Infrared device offers high performance accuracy at a lower cost, and the Doppler device offers a programmable activation distance control (6" - 24") while maintaining performance accuracy.

  • Ideal for use in high traffic, clean or controlled entrance / exit environments

  • Stock devices fit mullion, single-gang, and double-gang form factors (custom face plates available)

  • Programmable to operate as a fail-safe or fail-secure device if power is lost

  • Door unlock time delays configured from 5-120 seconds

  • 3 programmable durations for the piezo buzzer (wave, push-button and input override)

  • Red / Green / Blue LED for visual device state identification

  • Input point for 3rd party equipment integration to override our exit device

  • Push-button provides fail safe backup to wave activation

  • Collar mounting options simplify installation

  • Antimicrobial overlay available for face plate and button

  • All programming is digital

  • Low-profile design

Infrared and doppler wave exit device options


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