Door Lock, Bypass & Exit Devices

Without quality lock, bypass and exit devices, your business is at risk. Our devices will keep out those whom should not gain access, provide proper forms of egress, and give accessibility to all who need it.


Handicap Button & Key Switch

Collateral available in the downloads page.

*NEW* Wave to Open Switch


The touchless egress device is ideal for use in high traffic, clean or controlled entrance / exit environments. The push button feature provides fail-safe egress during power loss and is available in Infrared, Doppler Radar, Push Button or with camera integration for discreet line of sight and facial image capture.

  • Devices fit mullion, single, dual and triple gang form factors 

  • Programmable to operate as a fail-safe or fail-secure device if power is lost

  • Door unlock time delays configured from 5-120 seconds

  • 3 programmable durations for the piezo buzzer (wave, push-button and input override)

  • Red / Green / Blue LED for visual device state identification

  • Input point for 3rd party equipment integration to override exit device

  • Push-button provides fail safe backup to wave activation

  • Collar mounting options simplify installation

  • Antimicrobial overlay available for face plate and button

  • All programming is digital

  • Low-profile design

Web_Push Button exit Device hospital Environment

Bypass & Exit Devices

Maintain security, compliance and customer satisfaction with the correct bypass and exit devices for your facility. Ensure multiple forms of egress through touchless wave, push button, REX motion sensors, mechanical push bars and more. Flexible mounting and delivery options allow you to maintain the look and feel of your location as well as customize security options to your needs.

  • Wave to Open Switch

  • Push to Exit Button

  • Herculite RIM Exit Bar Mounting Brackets

  • Mortise Electronic Latch Release Bars

  • Mortise Mechanical Exit Bars

  • RIM Mechanical Panic Exit Bars

  • RIM Touch Panic Exit Bars

  • Tubular Touch Exit Bars

  • REX Motion Sensors

  • Handicap Actuators Wired

  • Handicap Actuators Wireless

  • Mortise Key Bypass Switches

  • Pre Keyed Bypass Switches

  • Post & Thru The Glass Bypass Device Enclosures

  • Post & Thru The Glass Exit Device Brackets & Enclosures


Locking Devices

Get the locking devices that best suit your needs as a business. Locking devices can integrate with entrance and exit devices, as well as other access control solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

  • Magnetic Locks

  • Strikes

  • Solenoids

  • Herculite Magnetic Lock Brackets

  • Framed Door Magnetic Lock Brackets


Power Supplies & Conduit

Your entrance and exit solution is only as good as the power you supply to it. Our battery-backed power supplies keep your door locks going, even when your power gives out. Professionally installed conduit can be customized to fit your aesthetics and resist tampering.

  • AC/DC Transformers

  • Battery Backed Power Supplies

  • PVC Conduit

  • Custom Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Aluminum-Steel Conduit


Custom Hardware

We can manufacture any custom hardware in any material or finish for any environment that requires an elegant and vandal resistant product.


  • Quick turn-around

  • Seamless integration

  • Vandal resistant