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Parabit is a premier solutions provider of custom courtesy, emergency, and inmate vandal-resistant telephones with auto-dial and speed dial. These can be branded for your business and are built to last. Our in-house design and manufacturing teams ensure a product that is both functional and attractive. Telephone parts kits provide a convenient solution for kiosks, enclosures, and digital signage displays. Line surge protector provides low-cost, reliable, high surge protection to equipment connected to a telephone line.

Parabit offers custom phone displays / kiosks. We work with your existing infrastructure: no headaches, no mess, easy installation.​


  • Charge phones, tablets, laptops via USB drives or power outlets

  • Custom designs made of durable stainless steel or powder coated metal

  • Increase safety for your clients and staff

  • Display advertising and branding from sponsors – and increase revenue

  • Found across the U.S.A. in airports and lounges

  • Affordable, durable, classic, and customizable