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Mobile Credentials: A Game-Changing Innovation

Parabit MMR reader access control

In today's digital era, smartphones have transformed into indispensable multifunctional devices, serving as central hubs for daily activities such as payments, identification, health tracking, and communication. The integration of access management with smartphones marks a groundbreaking milestone in the domain of physical identity and access management (PIAM), surpassing the limitations of conventional mechanical keys and plastic keycards, which are prone to being lost, misplaced, forgotten, copied, or stolen.


The primary advantage of Smartphone Wallets is the integration as a native application within the pre-installed mobile operating system, ensuring automatic maintenance and updates by the mobile OS provider. Setting up digital keys within the Digital Wallets is quick and straightforward, eliminating the need for service providers to create, maintain, update, and deploy dedicated apps.


Unlock your space in an instant:


Utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, Smartphone Wallets offer a convenient user experience similar to using a traditional smartcard. With the appropriate mode activated, users can unlock doors without waking or unlocking their device, entering a PIN, or establishing a network connection. Simply holding the smartphone near the reader is all it takes to unlock, providing ease, convenience, and privacy while eliminating the need to find and launch an app.

Users can enhance security by enabling biometric verification, such as facial recognition, within their Wallets. Additionally, Smartphone Wallets serve as a centralized repository for multiple virtual cards and keys, simplifying their use across various applications provided by different service providers.


Access even with a low battery:


Certain Smartphone Wallets can operate even when the battery is critically low, unlike dedicated apps that cease to function. This feature proves invaluable in Access Control scenarios, providing convenience and peace of mind when entering an office, hotel room, or residence, even when the phone battery appears dead.


How can this revolutionize Access Control?


Parabit’s innovative Access Control solution is poised to revolutionize security protocols. With the Multimedia Reader (MMR), Parabit offers a comprehensive approach to access management, seamlessly integrating with a variety of devices including NFC-enabled smartphones, Apple and Android operating systems, and traditional Magnetic Stripe Cards. This cutting-edge technology not only streamlines access procedures but also enhances security measures with its patented SkimGardTM technology, detecting and thwarting skimming attempts on card readers and RFID systems. The MMR eliminates the need for specific apps, functioning at the hardware level for ease of use and efficiency. By providing a versatile and secure Access Control solution, Parabit sets a new standard in the field of physical identity and access management, ensuring optimal security and convenience for a diverse range of environments and applications. View the Parabit Access Control Solution here.


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