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Introducing new & improved MMR 2.0

Game-changing new features that further differentiate the best-in-class reader managing access to retail environments

Hello, this is Rob Leiponis from Parabit Systems.

We're very excited to announce the release of our latest MMR 2.0 reader, with a very enhanced feature set for providing the most reliable access control to ATM lobbies, branches and retail storefronts.

We've created an SDK that allows all the commands of the SDK to be implemented into an online banking app to provide your customers with seamless access via Bluetooth® through our current access control systems. It accepts the most versatile set of financial credentials to gain access to retail establishments. We can accept wearable tech, mobile phones, NFC cards and mag stripe cards.

Some of the new features of the MMR 2.0 with our ACS Enterprise® Software Suite are: you can update the firmware of the MMR remotely, the MMR has a new gyroscope built into it so it can send an event message if it receives an impact of a specific G force, and it also maintains reader stats on its usage for mag stripe, NFC and Bluetooth® access control events. The MMR Bluetooth® SDK has an APA component that provides for the door lock time to be adjusted upwards to 30 seconds.

The MMR 2.0 and MMRC 2.0 is US and Canadian UL Listed and FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A Certified.

Follow the link for more information and for a video demonstration.

Thank you for your time.


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