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The Best Available ATM/ITM Lobby/Room Magnetic Stripe, NFC, and BLE Access Control with Loitering Detection

With new access features and unmatched flexibility, Parabit’s industry-leading MMR just got better.

Parabit MMR reader on a bank branch with someone swiping a card in it, using the NFC tap, and more.

Introducing the MMR® 2.0

Parabit’s MMR® (Multimedia Reader) is already the class-leading, industry standard for ATM lobbies/vestibules, branches, and general retail businesses. The introduction of the MMR® 2.0 brings with it additional features and flexibility to further enhance the retail customer experience.

SkimGard® Technology

The patented SkimGard® skimming detection technology ensures that your readers can continue to keep your customers and lobby safe and secure. The MMR® 2.0 will alert you to any attempt to tamper or vandalize the reader and can detect things like reader movement, cable cuts, skimmer overlays, reader replacements, RFID sniffers, and unauthorized reader replacements. The design also resists shimming. Our uncompromising dedication to ATM Lobby Access Reader Security has saved many customers from the headache of stolen information, has reduced account closings due to skimming events, and continues to be the best option on the market.

ACS Software Suite Upgrades

Our ACS Software Suite already provides great features with our current access control system. The ACS Suite is comprised of ACS Enterprise® that supports remote ACS Controller and Reader Configuration and firmware updates, facilities monitoring and management, remote system diagnostics for accurate service call dispatching, Event Message Receiver (EMR) for real-time event message distribution to staff and vendors, AFH: monitors system health and unapproved firmware installed, and AXSView which receives system events and credentials read events, distributes events to MAStermind, EMR and other Alarm Monitoring systems and records events to the ACS SQL database.

The MMR® 2.0 gains additional features from this Software Suite:

  • MMR® 2.0 Reader Firmware can now be remotely updated via ACS Enterprise® in addition to the ACS Controllers firmware

  • MMR® 2.0 Reader logs and transmits Impact event messages

    • The MMR® 2.0 Reader maintains local reader stats:

      • Number of Magnetic Stripe, NFC Card/Mobile and Bluetooth Accepted and Rejected read

      • Reader resets

      • Reader impacts

      • Serial numbers of the ACS Controllers the MMR has been synced with

  • And more.

MMR Mobile App SDK (Software Development Kit)

Our SDK provides seamless integration of the MMR® 2.0 SDK commands into client mobile apps, and has customizable settings and controls. This gives you options and control of customers gaining access to unlock your lobby/vestibule, branch and retail entrances using a client's existing mobile app. Integrating our MMR® 2.0 SDK into your mobile app, gives the MMR® 2.0 the following abilities:

  • Auto/Manual Local or Cloud door unlock via Bluetooth®

  • Adjust door unlock time for customers who require more time to enter your facilities

  • Speed Dial Local Police, Fire and EMS (In Dev)

  • Speed Dial App Owner Emergency/Customer Service in the event assistance is needed (In Dev)

  • Locate nearby ATMs, Branches, or Retail stores (in Dev)

Maximum flexibility

The MMR® 2.0 accepts the most versatile set of credentials to access your ATM/Vestibule, Branches, and Retail stores on the market, ensuring that your customer will always gain access. Whether they prefer to use Debit/Credit cards, carry their phone, or use their wearable tech as long as they have some form of financial credential or Mobile Phone/Wearable tech, they can securely gain access to your branch, lobby/vestibule, or retail store.

You can set your reader to accept any form of financial credential or only specific ones, and customers can use any of 6 methods to unlock the lobby door:

  1. Magnetic Stripe (card swipe)

  2. NFC (Near Field Communication) Card

  3. NFC Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wearable Tech, etc.)

  4. Bluetooth® Local Auto Access (through SDK)

  5. Bluetooth® Local Manual Access (through SDK)

  6. Bluetooth® Cloud Access (through SDK)

Using Bluetooth® Access through the SDK, you can have the door unlock automatically as soon as a phone is within range of the reader, or have the reader wait until the customer manually requests a door unlock. You have the option to set how long the door stays unlocked, as well as how long to wait before attempting another automatic unlock as long as the phone is within range of the MMR-BT 2.0 reader. The MMR® 2.0 uses iBeacon and Eddystone transmission formats.

With the Cloud Access service enabled, if the MMR® 2.0 ever fails to automatically unlock the door, the request can seamlessly be sent automatically or manually sent via the cloud as a backup option. If preferred, Cloud Access can even be used as the primary mode of access instead of Local Access as long as the phone is still in the range of the reader.


If you’re in the market for a secure lobby access control system, Parabit’s Access Control System has been the industry standard for 25-plus years. But being on top hasn’t kept them from continuously innovating to further improve their products. The MMR® 2.0 is a perfect example of that. Taking a product that is already at the top of its class and improving upon it even further is just one of the reasons Parabit has been an industry leader for so long.

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