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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Contactless MMR Readers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns about the hygiene of touching access control devices surged. In response, vendors began offering contactless solutions, allowing customers to operate devices via smartphones or by tapping their cards. ATMs have also began offering contactless transactions to customers.


Despite these concerns diminishing, the adoption of contactless technology in entry devices and ATMs alike is growing. The 2023 ATM and Self-service Software Trends guide reports that 49.7% of ATMs now have mobile integration, and 18.3% feature contactless/tap capabilities.


Parabit has been ahead of the curve by offering contactless MMR (Multi-Media Reader) solutions, allowing for seamless and secure customer interactions at ATM / Credit Union lobbies. Parabit’s early adoption and innovation in contactless technology has set a high standard in the industry.


Contactless MMR (Multi-Media Reader) readers allow customers to tap their cards or hold up their phone or smart watch to the reader, transmitting information quickly and securely. A Mastercard survey found that 51% of Americans now use contactless transactions. According to Linda Kirkpatrick, president of U.S. issuers at Mastercard, contactless products provide a safer experience by reducing the need to touch devices.

Financial institutions adopting contactless MMR readers see improved customer satisfaction. By adopting contactless technology, banks and credit unions are providing faster, safer, and more secure transactions, leading to increased customer loyalty and usage.


View Parabit’s Access Control Solution here.

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