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Top 3 Ways to Improve School Security: Keep Staff and Students Safe

Allowing a potential threat into a school, as well as having no way to monitor that threat, can affect the lives of staff, students, and parents. A security breach can endanger those present in the school building in countless ways. Without strong security measures, teachers and children alike can risk coming to school in fear, and in turn, this can even affect learning capabilities.

Luckily, there are three major ways school administrations can improve and enhance school safety and security, leaving teachers, staff, and students feeling secure and safe.

1. Monitor Entrance and Exit Points.

“Video surveillance has the potential to reduce the likelihood of criminal occurrences on school grounds. Video surveillance should be implemented inside and outside the school.”

Monitor all entrance and exit points throughout the entire school. Being able to monitor the perimeter of the school campus, as well as who may enter or exit can prevent crimes before they happen and help to catch the criminal during a law enforcement investigation.

2. Monitor School Interiors.

Don’t stop at monitoring entry and exit points- monitor school interiors as well. This will ensure a constant eye is kept on students, staff, and visitors as they go about their day. If something seems out of the norm, or there is a security threat somewhere in the school, the camera surveillance will catch it. Notifying law enforcement the moment a threat occurs helps prevent further criminal activity and can even save lives.

Parabit Discreet Camera Enclosures offer covert video surveillance. Enclosures are available with different mounting options for maximum flexibility to support analytics, biometrics, access control, and more. Place cameras in ideal locations for best facial imaging such as door mullion, countertops, walls, frames, and bollards. Low profile and small format options give you discreet surveillance that can be placed at eye level. Discreet Camera Enclosures ccommodate all miniature cameras from any manufacturer.

3. Manage Visitor Access.

Know who is entering and exiting the school at all times. Create a designated check-in location to manage visitors, and create a secure, simple, and efficient sign-in process. This will prevent anyone from entering and exiting the premises without knowing who they are, or why they are there.

“There should be a designated door for staff and student entry. All outside doors should be checked regularly to ensure they are locked.”

Parabit Visitor Management Kiosks allow for a streamlined, secure, and easy-to-use check-in process. Offering hardware and software solutions, the visitor management system allows for check-in, security badge printing, biometrics, custom alerts, and more. Have visitors scan their passport or Driver’s License to verify their identification, capture a photo, and print a visitor badge. Kiosks incorporate the highest quality peripherals and integrate with a variety of software applications.

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