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Retail Customer Access Control

As the retail banking environment continuously transforms into a digital environment with many new AI digital touch points via mobile web and self-service technology, improvements in asset and facility security, customer safety, and best-in-class customer experience have never been more important.

Consumer banking and private banking offices, teller less branches, ATM and ITM facilities are becoming more streamlined, architecturally open, and filled with digital consumer and retail business technology.

The need for branded unstaffed brick-and-mortar banking facilities has been growing over the last several years.

As self-service banking facilities are deployed, the supervision and security of these facilities has become a priority.

Considering accelerated loitering, confrontation, and poor sanitary events.

Effective managed access to retail and remote banking facilities helps protect customers, assets, and supports knowledge-based decisions that save organizational time and expense.

Our access control solution, secures facilities, supports nimble response to potential threats while delivering a premiere customer experience.

Effective control over who enters and when customers exit your facilities is more critical than ever.

Customers gain secure access to your ATM lobbies and branches using our Parabit MMR BT reader. With their debit or credit cards via NFC or magnetic strike cards, with wearable tech or mobile wallets, or with Bluetooth via a bank or credit union's mobile banking app. With today's heightened security concerns and attacks within remote banking ATM, ITM and autonomous banking environments.

It's critical to know who and when someone enters or exits your remote facilities.

Upon customers entering the facility, a door contact supervises your facility door status.

An active presence detector senses when a person enters the facility and alerts when they overstay their welcome.

A light sensor trigger sends an event message if lighting falls below compliance levels or presents a liability for a customer's safety.

The Parabit Access Control ecosystem keeps your customers safe, and helps secure your facility from potential threats such as loitering, low light levels.

And door supervision because an open or unlocked door is the leading cause of an unsafe remote banking environment. When a customer attempts to access the lobby in the doors do not open, staff or vendors who attempt to override the lobby locking system but cannot enter the lobby, if a customer is unable to exit the lobby, if a person enters the lobby but does not engage any self-service equipment, a text and or an email is sent.

NFC and magnetic stripe cardholders identified as suspicious or considerable risk can be denied access or allowed access.

Allowed access supports dispatching law enforcement to confront or arrest the suspicious person.

In addition to supervising the facility, if the MMR reader detects skimming or tamper event, a text and or an email is sent.

Our Parabit Access Control software suite provides robust remote monitoring, configuration, diagnostics, reporting, and supervision features that are hosted on SaaS, LAN or WAN, cellular to ethernet environments. Parabit access control keeps your customers safe and facilities secure.

For more information about our access control products, contact us today.

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