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Put a Stop to Attacks on ATMs

blown up ATM explosive attack on ATM burglary

The article ATM explosive attacks in Europe rise again on stated,

“EAST has just published a European Payment Terminal Crime Report covering 2022 which highlights an increase in explosive attacks on European ATMs. ATM explosive attacks (including explosive gas and solid explosive attacks) were up 16% (from 629 to 727 incidents) and attacks due to ram raids and ATM burglary were up 8% (from 447 to 484 incidents).”

They also noted,

“EAST Executive Director Lachlan Gunn said, ‘This rise in ATM explosive attacks is of great concern to the industry, in particular solid explosive attacks that account for over 60% of the blasts. While extensive measures have already been taken to mitigate the risk of such attacks, each attack creates significant collateral damage to equipment and buildings and can pose a threat to life.’”

It's no secret that attacks on ATMs have always been a challenge for financial institutions, and these challenges seem to be rising.

There are a few ways that financial institutions can reduce the risk of attacks on their ATMs:

1. Install ATMs through a wall

Installing ATMs through a wall inside a fortified ATM lobby reduces the risk and mitigates attack repercussions.

2. Add strong camera surveillance using the Parabit Discreet Camera Enclosures

The article, How to Stop ATM attacks on quotes Kristen Williams, assistant VP of administrative services, financial operations department for One Nevada Credit Union,

“’Aside from the extensive camera coverage and alarm systems with a duress code built into the alarm key pad, our servicing team is a third-party cash handler that is armed when at the machine for cash swaps and deposit pulls.’”

Let’s back up to where Kristen mentions extensive camera coverage. Does your financial institution have camera surveillance covered? If not, check out the Parabit Discreet Camera Enclosures here. Enclosures are available with different mounting options for maximum flexibility to support analytics, biometrics, access control, and more. Place cameras in ideal locations for best facial imaging such as door mullion, countertops, walls, frames, and bollards. Low profile and small format options give you discreet surveillance that can be placed at eye level. Discreet Camera Enclosures accommodate all miniature cameras from any manufacturer.View our

3. Install Parabit Access Control Hardware and Software

Using the Parabit Access Control hardware and software, NFC and magnetic stripe card holders identified as suspicious or considerable risk can be denied access or allowed access. Allowed access supports dispatching law enforcement to confront or arrest the suspicious person. View our Retail Customer Access Control solution here.

For more information or a quote please email or send us a message here.


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