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Partnership with RightCrowd

Get ready for best-in-class visitor management software and hardware integration

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A person’s first impression of an enterprise lobby can be reflective of how the overall business works; queues, idle staff, and low tech experiences are no longer the norm. RightCrowd visitor management software is delivering an improved registration process with self-service kiosk-based solutions to improve the visitor experience in some of the busiest corporate lobbies in the world. RightCrowd’s self-service kiosk solutions streamline processing visitors while continuing to focus on safety, security and compliance.

A welcoming kiosk screen which can utilize the enterprise’s branding and color scheme initiates the process and guides visitors (which can include external visitors, contractors and employees) through registering their visit. The experience can be the standard self-service guided approach from RightCrowd or customized to meet specific business process and compliance needs. We support connecting to many forms of data capture devices to allow for verification of the person’s details. Not just kiosks, these guided procedure-based solutions can be provided to receptionists and security guards on mobile devices minimizing training requirements by simplifying the check in and out processes.

RightCrowd has partnered with Parabit, a leading provider of kiosk-based hardware used in a variety of applications, including airport kiosks and bank ATMs. Parabit’s enclosures help securely house the equipment required for the self-service kiosk in an attractive enclosure. Parabit can customize kiosk hardware using an enterprise’s branding/color scheme, complementing the branding/coloring on RightCrowd’s guided screens. This results in a clean, efficient, and modern experience for visitors.

Parabit demonstrated the RightCrowd interface at ISC West in April 2016!

RightCrowd kiosk-based solutions can also be delivered more simply utilizing tablets like the Microsoft Surface with any required peripherals connected via cable or wirelessly.

These self-service kiosks can also be used for more than just processing visitors . Managing lost or forgotten badges by employees and contractors is an issue for many of our customers. This problem is compounded by the fact that the number of staff required to manage replacement of forgotten badges peaks during arrival times in the morning, resulting in long queues or extra staff to process temporary badges. The incidence of forgotten badges tends to peak even further on Monday mornings and the first workday after a holiday period, when staff’s routines are disturbed. The same self-service kiosks used for processing visitors can also enable a staff member to replace a lost or forgotten badge. Using similar easy-to-use guided screens, a staff member logs in using their IT system user credentials to authenticate themselves, then indicates whether their badge was lost or forgotten. The lost or forgotten badge is disabled by the RightCrowd kiosk software (which has a robust interface with the enterprise’s access control system), then a new temporary badge is issued to the staff member, with all of the staff member’s physical access enabled on it. For a forgotten badge, when the staff member returns to work with their forgotten badge, they can swipe their temporary and permanent badges to quickly return the temporary badge. When the receipt of the temporary badge is acknowledged the kiosk software reactivates the staff member’s original badge.

Utilizing both the Visitor Management and Lost/Forgotten badge processes on the same lobby kiosks enables your investment in RightCrowd kiosk solutions to pay for themselves even more quickly by reduced staffing and associated expenses. Some RightCrowd customers have reported payback in periods as short as a couple of months. These solutions also can result in significantly faster processing of visitors (and staff), shorter queues, and a slick visitor experience. Learn more at


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