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One of the best places to work in 2019

Long Island Business News names Parabit Systems as one of 2019's Best Places to Work.

Parabit Systems employees group picture

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Long Island Business News


Parabit Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative security and self-service hardware and software solutions. Launched by CEO and President Robert Leiponis in 1995, Parabit Systems is dedicated to envisioning, researching, developing and manufacturing quality hardware, software and app solutions with a comprehensive installation and repair/support service offering primarily for the security, financial, government, transportation, retail, hospitality, gambling, medical and education industries.

Parabit Systems has a long history of providing products that improve security — from access control systems to security cameras and enclosures. The company helps its clients glean insight into what is happening in their facilities.

Parabit’s unique full service offering of design, product development and support services has allowed it to secure many sole source contracts. The company serves 5 out of the top 10 banks in the world – with 23 of the top 30 United States financial institutions. A leading innovator in ATM security and enhancement, Parabit Systems also provides solutions for 30+ airports and transportation hubs throughout the United States. Parabit has designed, manufactured, installed and maintains 22 Welcome Centers that include self-service kiosks and interactive digital signage displays at four major airports within the New York City region (LGA, JFK, EWR & SWF).

Additionally, Parabit has sold more than 1,000 mobile charging stations to 35 United States, Canadian and Caribbean airports, military bases, banks, malls, car washes, auto dealerships, cruise ports and museums. Other Parabit products include Visitor Management Kiosks and Software, Stock and Custom Specialty Camera Enclosures, Digital Signage Displays, eTract and eBrochure digital signage software, Mobile Charging Stations, Custom Kiosks, a light monitor for public access areas (including ATMs, stairwells, parking lots, school campuses, transportation hubs, hotels and arenas), surveillance systems, and courtesy and emergency telephones.

Behind the quality of Parabit’s products is a team of highly-skilled designers, engineers and production staff who work together to provide many services including design, prototyping, fabrication, integration, logistics, install/repair, configuration and reporting.

Parabit holds active patents on its IMSR Magnetic Stripe Card Reader with SkimGard™, a physical and RFI skimmer/tamper/cable cut detection system, Bandit Barrier and Counter Mount Camera Enclosures, and Charging Table. The company has another two patents for its MMR & MMR Mobile App and Payment Cloud Services.

Parabit Systems’ 25,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility is based in Roosevelt and its headquarters/showroom is based in Bellmore within a 6,400-sq.-ft. facility. The company’s reach is nationwide, with satellite offices in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. With all products manufactured in the United States, the Parabit Systems takes pride in making the highest quality self-service products and turn-key security solutions.

From total security solutions, to self-service kiosks and digital signage, Parabit Systems’ mission is to enhance and protect businesses. What makes Parabit unique is its spirit of constant innovation and ingenuity, which propels its custom products to a higher level of excellence.


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