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Multimedia Reader (MMR) Product Announcement

Contactless EMV, NFC card/device & magnetic stripe card reader with SkimGard®.

Cell phone using contactless entry with Parabit Multimedia Reader (MMR)

Parabit Systems will reveal its latest and unique Access Control Systems product at the ASIS International 2016 conference in Orlando FL. This summer. The Multi Media Reader (MMR) is designed to interact with Near Field Communication (NFC) Devices. The MMR will work with contactless EMV cards, mobile devices (smartphones and wearable tech), as well as magnetic stripe cards. Whether the device OS is Apple or Android, Parabit’s MMR will seamlessly work with it. Smartphones and Wearable Tech need to have NFC chip set, have NFC communication ENABLED, and have the phone powered on and unlocked. There is NO SPECIFIC APP REQUIRED to use the MMR, as it interfaces at the hardware level. The MMR does not interface/interact at the application level on smartphones/wearable tech – it only interfaces/interacts at the pre-activation levels. The MMR does not initiate any financial transaction. The MMR will also work with debit/credit card only magnetic stripe cards, or bank ISO encoded magnetic stripe ATM cards w/ NYCE BIN exception lookup, or straight card number look up/exact match (card number table lookup).

Skimming Detection

The MMR contains Parabit’s patented SkimGard® technology to detect most skimming attempts of the MMR card reader as well as RFID reader skimming detection.


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