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Identity Theft and ATM Skimming

Skimming threats include reader tamper, cable cut, physical or RFID skimmers, and reader replacement.

Parabit is celebrating 10 years of preventing Debit/Credit Card Skimming at over 15,000 ATM/ITM Lobbies and Remote Banking facilities globally, as well as detecting and prohibiting loitering and improving customer safety within your 24 hour banking facilities.

As stated on,

“Skimming occurs when devices illegally installed on ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) terminals or fuel pumps capture data or record cardholders’ PINs. Criminals use the data to create fake debit or credit cards and then steal from victims’ accounts. It is estimated that skimming costs financial institutions and consumers more than $1 billion each year.”

Businesses that deploy ATMs should streamline all the data they collect into one comprehensive, centralized system that provides the most up-to-date inventory of fleet devices, hardware and software components. Proactive protection will not only aid in detecting threats in real-time to stop bad actors from manipulating data, but also ensure that businesses are prepared to discover new threats sooner and implement protections quicker.

In honor of Identity Theft Awareness Week, as supported by The Federal Trade Commission, Parabit is featuring our Retail Customer Access Control Solution.

For 27+ years we have been at the forefront of retail customer access control systems for ATM / ITM / night drop lobbies, tellerless branches, branch meeting rooms, and more. Our patented ACS technology is in 23 of the top 25 retail financial institutions in the US and is perfect for lobbies, storefronts, access doors, and any other facility that requires secure access. From remote door locking and contactless card access readers to full branch transformation turn-key solutions, Parabit has the hardware and software systems to remotely monitor and manage your facilities.

Parabit’s MMR® (Multi-Media Reader) is already the class-leading, industry standard for ATM lobbies and vestibules. The introduction of the MMR® 2.0 brings with it additional features and flexibility to further enhance the user experience, including SkimGard® Technology. See all card readers and other Access Control products here.

View Parabit’s SkimGard® Datasheet here.

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