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Introducing the ACS-1EUL

Parabit’s access control solution is the industry standard for ATM lobby access, and with the introduction of the ACS-1EUL system brings features and critical components that enhance the customer experience and improve business performance.

ACS-1EUL controllers allow for remote facilities monitoring and management for multiple branches when used in conjunction with ACS Enterprise, AFH and AXSView Software Services, and supports access control via Bluetooth®, NFC cards, mobile wallet or mag stripe. In addition, the ACS-1EUL controller supervision features now include excessive reset, suspicious mag stripe/NFC credential used, door supervision, active presence detection, and more.

The ACS-1EUL is US and Canadian UL Listed and FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A Certified.

Information on our latest access control solution, related services and other innovative products within our ACS family of ATM lobby access control systems are available on our website. Please contact your Parabit sales representative for any questions regarding this information. Thank you for your continued business and interest in Parabit Systems products.


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