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2023 Passenger Satisfaction: Up or Down?

Anticipating Aviation Trends in 2024

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An article on noted that in 2023, despite challenges like high passenger volumes, a pilot shortage, and weather delays, airport passenger satisfaction improved. The "J.D. Power 2023 North America Airport Satisfaction Study" reported a three-point increase in overall satisfaction compared to 2022. This improvement was driven by better terminal facilities, food and retail services, and baggage claim.


Several high-ranking airports in the study underwent recent construction projects to enhance passenger flow, parking, and terminal facilities. Notably, New York's LaGuardia Airport improved from the lowest satisfaction ranking in 2019 to reaching the average satisfaction level for large airports in 2023. [Parabit successfully finished two impressive Welcome Centers in Terminal A and B at LGA, in addition to their other completed projects].


Study Rankings:

Mega airports: 

Ranked #1: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport ranks highest in passenger satisfaction with a score of 800. 

Ranked #2: Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (796) ranks second

Ranked #3: Harry Reid International Airport (787) ranks third.

Large airports: 

Ranked #1: Tampa International Airport ranks highest among large airports for a second consecutive year, with a score of 832. 


Parabit is delighted to have played a role in elevating the customer experience at DTW, MSP, LAS, and TPA Airports by providing charging tables, welcome centers, charging stanchions, seatback charging stations, and more. reported an increase in passengers' comfort with biometric identification, scoring an average of 7.36 out of 10 in 2023, up from 7.26 in 2022. This indicates a rising preference for a hassle-free airport experience. Additionally, many passengers expressed interest in completing necessary checks before arriving at the airport, such as automated document checks for border clearance. [Note Parabit’s Mounts available for such biometric devices – browse all at]. wrote that Progressive airlines are rapidly moving towards digital retailing, with this trend expected to accelerate in 2024. Eric Leopold, Founder & Managing Director of Threedot and FTE Ancillary & Retailing Content Director, highlighted in the article the importance of embracing new technologies to engage with next-gen customers, explore loyalty through NFTs, and reduce payment costs using cryptocurrencies.


In 2023, passenger satisfaction ultimately rose thanks to airport improvements and innovations, including enhanced facilities and services. Notably, LaGuardia Airport's transformation showcased the positive impact of these changes. Companies like Parabit, providing amenities at airports such as DTW, MSP, LAS, and TPA, played a vital role in this improvement, making air travel more enjoyable and efficient.


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