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Parabit Surveillance Camera Housings

A study conducted by the Council on Criminal Justice reported robberies and theft increased nineteen percent in small and large cities.

Secure assets and improve customer safety with surveillance enhancements delivering perfect line of sight perspectives.

Studies show effective facial image capture improves law enforcement investigative success, covert interior and exterior surveillance housings, optimize HD modular camera sensor positioning.

Advance situational awareness and accelerate investigations.

And optimize analytics ranging from biometrics to AI deep learning.

Parabit camera housings support makes and models of modular cameras and camera sensors and support easy integrator installations.

Facilitating perspective video capture, enables proactive threat assessment and notification.

Parabit BR glass housings mount without hardware to bullet-resistant resistant glass.

Proven deterrent of note-passing burglaries while improving employee and customer safety and reducing risk exposure. For drive-up and walk-up transaction points, customer service counters, security checkpoints, embarkment and border control, and more. Count on Parabit counter or turnstile housings to drive benefits ranging from improved surveillance to AI driven personalized marketing. Parabit doorway, wall, and transom melt housings offer flexible installation options and facial image capture of entry and exit ways, loading docks, jet bridges, man traps, and more while also supporting biometric access control, and time and attendance.

Parabit double and triple gang Wave to Open Switch Devices integrate modular camera sensors for unobstructed facial image capture at access points and along corridors.

Parabit secures drive up services by simultaneously capturing faces, supporting facial analytics, and license plates supporting LPR.

Dual and single drive up housings support drive up order placement to service customer time analytics, with hundreds of surveillance camera housing products shipping every week. Join the organizations and industries investing in surveillance enhancements, supporting loss prevention, and improving law enforcement investigations, and utilizing analytics to more efficiently and effectively monitor assets and facilities and supervise employee, vendor, and visitor access.

Parabit camera housings deliver flexible and aesthetic solutions to enhance surveillance.

Housing types include Br Glass, Counter BR Turnstile, Doorway, Wall Mount, Transom, Wave To Open Switch, Drive Up, Loss Prevention, Height Strip And Custom Housings.

Contact Parabit today to discuss surveillance, biometric, and analytic needs. Email, call +1 516.378.4800 or fill out our contact form here.


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