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Parabit FIS Podium Meets CBP Airport Technical Design Standards

The Parabit podiums are designed to accommodate change over time, technology upgrades, how passengers are processed, and how people flow is managed.

According to the CBP Airport Technical Design Standard Companion Guide, “Every year, more than 112 million international travelers arrive at U.S. airports of entry. The growth at the top 100 airports of entry is staggering, with an increase of over 20% for the past 5 years.”

The guide details countless findings and recommended CBP standards within the Aviation industry.

The article notes that “Significant space savings in the Primary processing and queuing areas can be attained over traditional booths on a passengers processed per hour basis when implementing self-service, automated technology (i.e., APC, MPC, and Global Entry).”

Additionally, “the flexibility needed for smaller FIS facilities, particularly those that can leverage existing resources for corporate aviation facilities.”

Parabit FIS podiums address key facility enhancements such as flexible FIS space, reducing baseline requirements, and smaller FIS facilities. See the FIS podium here.

The Parabit podiums are designed to accommodate change over time, technology upgrades, how passengers are processed, and how people flow is managed.

The intelligent product design aligns with CBP Airport Technical Design Standard PARAS Companion Guide.

The Camera Enclosure on the podium delivers high-quality facial image capture and supports efficient passenger processing while minimizing CBP administrative tasks. The intuitive biometric engagement and customer-facing device integrations support touchless passenger processing.

The Parabit FIS podium is modular and free-standing, with integrated CBP officer workstations, safe surfaces including silver ion countertops, and antimicrobial powder coating.

FIS Podiums are the pinnacle of cutting-edge passenger processing technology -meticulously crafted in collaboration with CBP, these podiums redefine excellence by seamlessly blending advanced features and intelligent design. With a relentless commitment to touchless passenger processing and adaptability to future advancements, the Parabit FIS Podiums stand head and shoulders above the competition.

The Parabit FIS Podiums have been ingeniously engineered to facilitate an unparalleled touchless experience. Say goodbye to traditional manual processes as these podiums revolutionize the way passengers are processed. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, they offer an array of touchless solutions that ensure a hygienic and efficient workflow, without compromising on security or accuracy. Passengers can glide through the processing journey with ease, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall travel experience.

What sets the Parabit FIS Podiums apart is their exceptional adaptability. As technology evolves and passenger processing methods transform, these podiums effortlessly keep pace. Designed with a forward-thinking approach, they possess the remarkable ability to accommodate technology upgrades, seamlessly integrating the latest advancements and ensuring a future-proof solution for any airport or border crossing.

Moreover, the Parabit FIS Podiums are engineered to handle the dynamic nature of passenger flow management. As passenger volumes fluctuate and crowd dynamics change, these podiums possess an inherent flexibility to adapt to varying conditions. They effortlessly optimize the way people flow is managed, providing a smooth and seamless experience for travelers while maintaining operational efficiency.

With every aspect carefully considered, the Parabit FIS Podiums embody perfection in passenger processing. From their sleek and sophisticated design to their unparalleled touchless capabilities, these podiums set a new standard of excellence in the industry. As airports and border crossings seek the ultimate solution to meet evolving demands, the Parabit FIS Podiums emerge as the definitive choice, delivering an unrivaled experience that ensures both security and convenience. Experience the future of passenger processing with the Parabit FIS Podiums and discover a new era of efficiency, innovation, and customer

Available in 52” and 40” models. Additional accessories are available. Buy American Act Compliant.

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