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Parabit Announces Membership with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

We are excited to announce that Parabit has joined the prestigious American Public Transportation Association (APTA). As a proud new member, Parabit is committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients by leveraging the myriad benefits that come with this affiliation. Our membership in APTA ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry best practices, allowing us to provide products and services that are not only efficient and safe but also aligned with the highest standards in public transportation. This dedication translates into superior solution quality for our clients, who can trust that we are continually striving for excellence.


APTA's strong advocacy for public transportation interests at the national level is another significant advantage; by being part of an organization that influences policies and funding decisions, Parabit can help drive improvements and innovations in public transportation infrastructure and services. This means enhanced service offerings and better experiences for our clients.


At Parabit, we believe in the power of professional development, and our APTA membership provides us with access to a wealth of training, certifications, and professional growth opportunities. Additionally, APTA's extensive network of industry professionals allows us to collaborate and innovate, ensuring that we bring the best and latest solutions to our clients.


Access to APTA's research, data, and reports is invaluable to Parabit. We utilize this information to continuously improve our operations, ensuring that our solutions are both reliable and effective. Furthermore, APTA's commitment to sustainable transportation solutions aligns with our values, enabling us to participate in green initiatives that benefit environmentally-conscious clients.


Moreover, we take pride in the fact that our products and solutions meet the Buy American Act standards. This commitment not only supports American manufacturing and jobs but also assures our clients of the highest quality and compliance with federal regulations.


We look forward to the opportunities and advancements that our APTA membership will bring, and we are excited to continue our journey towards excellence in public transportation. Thank you for your continued support.


View our Transportation brochure to discover all of our innovate solutions for the industry here.


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