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Cottonwood-Holladay Journal notes Parabit as "Major Competitor" Global Flight Announcement Market

Parabit Passenger Information Display FIDS PIDS TIDS at BRO Airport

The Cottonwood-Holladay Journal noted Parabit as a "major competitor" in the article, Flight Announcement System Market Size, Segment Forecasts 2023-2029. The article mentions,

"Flight Announcement System Market 2023 published by captures the basic information pertaining to the market along with the critical analysis of the core market factors. The market overview highlights the definition of the industry offerings and their application in varying end-user industries. A thorough analysis of the manufacturing and management technology has been presented. The integrated report on the global Flight Announcement System market has been presented after conducting an exhaustive study on the core market elements such as key industry trends, competitive assessment, and thorough regional analysis for the forecasted period of 2023 to 2029."

Information display systems (PIDS, FIDS, BIDS, TIDS, etc.) are important for every travel industry. Digital display boards can show flight information, bus times, train departures, or anything else important to the customer, and digital signage can add advertising revenue streams.

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