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Come See us at IAHSS in Nashville!

Booth # 317

Hello, my name is Robert Iraggi. I'm Business Development here at Parabit Systems. And we're very excited about going to the upcoming IAHSS show I-A-H-S-S, for the healthcare industry, seeing customers in person, everything from end users who actually run facilities as well as the integrators and other service providers that do the work there at the special facilities. Healthcare, obviously, is a very, very, very big, big market here in America, we have for profit healthcare, so it's a big competition, one hospital versus another, I think amenities and obviously Doctor qualifications and anything that can make one hospital better than the other, especially in a big city with this competition for patients is very, very important that they can keep their their in their their gear, and their equipment up to spec in our industry here with Parabit with self service, and security items, it's being cutting edge and top of the technology ladder is very, very important to make sure that everything works correctly and that patients as well as people visiting those patients feel safe and secure. So I think it's going to be more and more competitive as time goes on in this industry. And we'd really need to be at the top of the game and show how our products helped make these facilities more safe and secure. Parabit is going to be showing a lot of different products at the IAHSS show in Nashville. We're excited to push all of our kiosk solutions or security and for getting people safely in and out of the facility to make sure they are credentialed with proper documentation, badges and ID we also do discreet camera enclosures. We do courtesy phones, all different kinds of products that handle security as well as self service devices. patients as well as the people visiting them again need to feel safe and secure and know that our products will help them to take care of their needs as they go through their experience at hospitals and medical facilities.


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