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ATM Safety: Protecting Customer Finances And Well-Being

According to the FBI's bank crime statistics, there has been a 600% increase in Automated Teller Machine (ATM) crimes in the United States from 2019 to 2021. These ATM crimes fall into three categories: physical attacks on the ATM machines, the illicit installation of card skimming devices to capture customer information, and robberies occurring at ATMs.

Criminal activity tends to be higher during evening or night when it's dark. Research from the Bank Administration Institute reveals that the most perilous hours at ATMs are between 7:00 p.m. and midnight, during which roughly 40% of ATM-related crimes take place.

An article on (2023) provides a detailed outline of ATM safety and security tips. We have a simplified break down for you.

Using ATMs Safely: A Simplified Guide

Before Using the ATM:

Keep your car windows closed and doors locked at drive-up ATMs.

Have your car keys ready if you're getting out.

Look for anything suspicious, especially when it's dark.

Avoid ATMs in poorly lit or bushy areas.

If possible, bring a friend with you, especially at night.

Using the ATM:

Stand back from the person in front of you.

Politely ask someone too close to step back.

Be prepared with your card and PIN.

Protect your PIN; don't write it down.

Use a unique PIN, not something obvious.

Stand in a way that shields your PIN entry.

Don't accept help from strangers.

Secure your card, cash, and receipt immediately.

Leaving the ATM:

Stay alert as you leave.

Don't share your PIN or card.

Report lost or stolen cards promptly.

Avoiding ATM Skimming:

Use ATMs inside banks or with security cameras.

Cover the keypad as you enter your PIN.

Look for anything unusual on the ATM.

Contact the bank if the ATM keeps your card.

Be cautious of anyone offering help.

Don't let your card out of your sight.

Remember these tips to stay safe while using ATMs.

Thieves are less inclined to target well-lit areas. Are you uncertain about the adequacy of the lighting around your ATMs in accordance with state regulations and optimal brightness? If so, reach out to the Parabit team to review our facility sensor solutions. We specialize in conducting site surveys to assess the quality of your ATM lighting and provide recommendations to enhance the safety of your facility, including your ATMs, for the benefit of both customers and staff.

Email to learn more.


“Bank Crime Statistics.” Federal Bureau of Investigation, 31 May 2022,


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