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America's Safe Schools Week

October 15th-21st

Great efforts are being made to ensure that every school nationwide provides a safe, secure, and conducive environment for learning. At the forefront of this mission, there are numerous exemplary programs at the school, district, state, and national levels. To acknowledge these achievements and inspire others, America's Safe Schools Week is observed from October 15 to 21, 2023. This annual event, originally established by the National School Safety Center in 1984, encourages the implementation of strategies that foster safe and secure campuses, free from crime and violence, while also improving discipline and student attendance. Schools that maintain this level of security, devoid of violence, weapons, and drugs, are vital for the overall well-being of every child and the quality of their education.

Parabit's guide to enhancing school safety and security:

  1. Identify potential threats and hazards within the school environment.

  2. Take note of areas on campus where criminal activities are more common.

  3. Examine entry points and their immediate surroundings.

  4. Collaborate with local first responders and public safety agencies.

  5. Select an Access Control System suitable for your school, considering the necessary hardware and software components.

  6. Evaluate existing school surveillance systems, if available, and determine requirements for enhancing or acquiring necessary hardware.

  7. Assess communication hardware and software, including access to emergency phones.

  8. Assess the school's visitor management procedures and implement a system if necessary, specifying the required hardware and software.

  9. Review the school's navigation and wayfinding processes and consider adding digital signage to reduce confusion and enhance security if needed.

  10. Ensure seamless integration of all hardware and software with the school's IT department.

  11. Prioritize safety at all times!

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