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ACS-1E End of Life Product Notice

ACS-1E ATM lobby access system has been discontinued. No future firmware or software will be developed for it, but support will continue for 2 years.

ACS-1E discontinued

Parabit Systems provides the highest quality ATM lobby card access control with skimming detection and remote facilities management solutions to our customers. Our commitment to quality includes proactive and efficient management of the Parabit Systems product life cycle process to ensure a streamlined portfolio that helps you easily select the right solution. This process also provides operational efficiencies for Parabit Systems and our partners, helping us to deliver on our commitment to improving our product lead times and the way we do business together.

We will maintain an inventory of the identified products to support service requirements for a period of two (2) years. No future firmware or software development will be implemented to support the ACS-1E ATM Access Control Panel as of the date of this notice, the following Parabit Systems products for ATM lobby card access control solutions will be discontinued effective September 9, 2019:

ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet PCI Firmware # 200-10102

ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet PCI Firmware # 200-10102-15

ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet Full Mask Firmware # 200-10102-M

ACS-1EV1 2nd Card Reader PCB # 200-10103

ACS-1E 4 Port Input / Output PCB # 200-10110

ACS-1E Modem Board # 200-10137

ACS-1E ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/Ethernet Firmware w/ Standard Case # 200-10126

All related Kits and any other products that contain an ACS-1E(V1) PCB

The ACS-1E Access Control System is FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A and ICES-003, Issue 5 Class A Certified.​

Information on our latest ACS-1EUL ATM lobby card access control solution, related services and other innovative products within our ACS family of ATM lobby access control systems are available on our website as well as via our sales associates at or 516-378-4800 press 2 upon auto attendant greeting.

Please contact your Parabit sales representative for any questions regarding this information. Thank you for your continued business and interest in Parabit Systems products.


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