A Bit About: Security Innovation in Banking

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Keeping banks and their customers' assets safe and secure matters now more than ever in the age of cyberattacks and online identity theft. David M. Friedman, the Head of Physical Security at Apple Bank, and Rob Leiponis, CEO and President of Parabit Systems, Inc., caught up with Gabrielle Bejarano to discuss the importance of security innovation, which enhances the customer’s banking experience.

“If we’re doing our job, then we’re in the background,” Friedman said. “We want our customers to have a pleasant experience, and we’re constantly looking toward new procedures to get the most out of our system.”

The emerging and re-emerging trend of stealing card information at ATMs or the theft of an identification card are but a few of the issues banks deal with on a day-to-day basis.

At Apple Bank, “we have a well-thought-out, solid security plan that looks at even the threats we can’t see yet, with a robust monitoring system,” he said. “And probably the main thing that makes a successful security program at a bank of any size is training; we train our staff constantly, continually, virtually, and on-site as much as possible.”

The new, innovative technologies at Apple Bank include ATM safety and security features such as door-status monitoring, light-level detection, and human-presence monitoring.

“We [are] also working to tie together security systems to integrate the data into a secure place so it makes it easier for investigators to anticipate different types of crimes that may happen, as well as tying those security systems into the retail side of the bank so employees have a quick reaction time to any security threat inside the bank,” Leiponis said.

While ATMs continue to grow and banks limit in size, the technology to protect consumers is key. “It’s extremely important to provide a significant amount of security around an environment where there is no bank staff around to protect those customers,” he said.

David Friedman's comments in this podcast do not represent the views of Apple Bank or it's Board of Directors.

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