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The BIN File assists the controller in identifying card formats. Periodic updates of this file is recommended. 

BIN File Updated - 10.12.23

The BIN File can be obtained Here.


1. Save the file in the link above to your local drive.
2. Open the ACS Application and on the Main Menu screen, click Options > BIN/Special BIN/Suspect. The BIN/Special BIN/Suspect dialog box appears.
3. Click Browse to locate the folder containing the BIN file downloaded in step 1. 
4. Select the BIN file "BinSADA.bin".
5. Click Reduce to remove redundant sequential numbers from the BIN file. 
6. When the operation is complete click Save. 
7. In the Enter BIN File Name box type the same name as used on the sites present in the system. This will overwrite the outdated file with the new file.

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