Whether you need a simple welcome desk or information booth, or you need a full blown interactive environment, our mobile and modular welcome centers improve customer experience where ever they are deployed. The information boothsdigital signage, kiosks, telephones and charging options are built to be attractive and inviting, and give your customers a safe place to find information, charge your devices and relax. Digital advertising and eBrochure technology saves you time and money on printing materials, and brings you additional revenue streams. A good Welcome Center tells your customer that you care about their needs, but also fulfills the needs of your business.


  • Features emergency and courtesy calling for travelers without cellular service or who call directly from the directory

  • All welcome centers comply with local, current codes and standards such as ADA

  • Full service solution: design, site surveys, installation, and more

  • Mobile and modular designs allow for flexibility and customization

  • Antimicrobial protection offered on all surfaces

Welcome Center Products

Welcome Centers enhance the customer experience and improve safety. They provide airport services and visitor information on local resources with opportunities to generate advertising and promotional revenue. Our digital, self-service software apps deliver a positive customer experience, and the mobile and modular designs allow for maximum flexibility.

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Information Booths

Desks and information booths are a common staple of welcome centers. They can be staffed for passengers that have questions or give customers the space to review and fill in paperwork before or after a flight. Mobile desks on locking wheels allow for flexible positioning, digital signage options allow for additional advertising or branding, and interactive screens can connect customers with local businesses or offer wayfinding options. Along with welcome center focused desks, we also have other desks and podiums that might suit your needs.

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.


Digital Signage

We have many different digital signage options, and can also create options custom to the space you want to create for your customers. Digital signage allows for additional advertising opportunities and revenue streams, or can be used to show off local landmarks and add beauty to your space. Digital signage units in your welcome center area allow for modular and adaptable layouts, or digital signage can be built directly into your welcome center furnishings for an elegant and finished look.

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.


Interactive Signage

Interactive signage in your welcome center allows customers to self-service issues like transportation, connect with local businesses like restaurants, or look up information like flights and weather. Stand-alone interactive digital signage products allow for flexible placement within your welcome center area, or get specially made information islands and walls. By providing your customers with plenty of ways to find information and communicate with local businesses, you can both raise your customer experience rating as well as your bottom line.

Adding self-service kiosks to your welcome center can also allow customers to do things like print boarding passes right there, making it a one stop destination for information, relaxation and productivity.

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.



Methods of communication are important for a welcome center. Whether you want interactive signage for people to find options for rides or hotels, or courtesy/emergency telephones to quickly and easily connect customers to local business, giving your customers communication options is a great way to make sure they don't feel stuck or confused while passing through.

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We rely on our mobile devices more than ever these days. Everyone knows the feeling of dread that comes from your phone dying, and traveling is one of the worst times for you to lose power. So make sure your customers have access to power at your welcome center. By giving them areas to charge up, you can attract customers to your welcome center to increase traffic for your advertising and give them a place to relax and recharge to make their traveling experience better. We have a variety of charging options, and can also create custom charging units to give your welcome center the look and feel you want.

PDF catalogs or marketing brochures for this product can be found on the downloads page.