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Why you need an automated

Visitor Management System

Why You Need an Automated Visitor Management System

You might have a lobby attendant stationed at a podium or desk to register visitors that enter your building. And this system has been working for many years, so why change it? Lack of security.

Let’s look at Pete’s experience when he visits Susie for a meeting:

  • Pete enters the building and walks to the security desk

  • Security asks for ID, Pete hands it over

  • Pete is asked to sign-in on a piece of paper with the date, time, name of company visiting, and name of individual visiting – in this case, Susie

  • Security searches for Susie in the building directory and calls to verify that she’s expecting Pete

  • Security takes a picture of Pete and then prints him a visitor pass

  • Security informs Pete of the floor and suite number for Susie

  • Security keeps a file of the hand-written sign-in sheet for reference

Sounds familiar, right? This process could take several minutes per visitor, provides little to no security, leaves visitor information available for anyone to see, and is an outdated way of registering a guest.

Now let’s see how the scenario would be with a self-service, automated visitor management system:

  • Pete enters the building and uses the self-service kiosk

  • Pete scans the bar code in the email he received from Susie with all the details for the meeting – date, time, address, floor and suite number

  • Pete scans his driver’s license and the built-in camera takes his photo

  • Pete’s identity is verified, and a visitor badge along with a building access card is printed with his name and photo

  • Susie gets an alert that Pete checked-in to the building; Pete heads to the elevator to meet with Susie

  • After their meeting, Pete returns his badge and access card to the same kiosk and his exact check-in and -out time are recorded

Now that’s a modern, professional, and easy experience for visitors, not to mention the enhancements on the security side!

The Benefits

  1. Pre-register guests for a quicker, frictionless check-in process

  2. Quickly and precisely identify visitors, particularly in emergency situations

  3. Real-time muster data - stock and custom reports

  4. Integrates with building access control and visitor management turnstile systems

  5. Great option for an unattended or high traffic lobby settings

  6. Overall enhanced, professional visitor registration experience

Now what?

Schedule a demo of our visitor management suite of products - from kiosks to software. We can design a kiosk to fit any space - pedestal, desktop or wall mounted options.  Choose the options you need - badge printer, ID scanners, cameras, and more. We design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture everything in-house in the United States.

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