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Parabit designs, fabricates and integrates all of our kiosk models and technologies that provide our clients with the tools to more efficiently and effectively authenticate physical identities and manage their facilities. Custom kiosk solutions provide comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, notifications, tracking, reporting, as well as other features including automated interaction with dynamic data sources and integration with building access control systems.




Parabit's Visitor Management Software is an enterprise solution for pre-registering, registering, and tracking visitors and assets, as well as for printing and distributing visitor badges. This automated system easily scales for organizations of any size while providing enhanced visitor screening and security.


Parabit’s Event Messages Receiver (EMR) is a Windows® application that displays status messages received by Parabit's AXSView message transceiver service. Those messages can be from ACS Enterprise Controller Panels, SkimGard® Card Readers, or Visitor Kiosks, and provide real-time updates about system health.

AXSView receives hundreds of panels or kiosk status messages simultaneously, which are then transmitted to the EMR for review and analysis. TCP/IP communication is used between the panels or kiosks, AXSView Service Software, and the EMR to maintain data protection and integrity.

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