Stainless Steel & Glass Railings

Ready-to-install, glass and stainless steel railings systems are a safe and beautiful addition for any facility. Whether you require new railings in a public space or private deployment, Parabit can complete your railings project under budget and on time. We pride ourselves on producing high-end work to enhance the safety and appearance of your facility. Customize, or choose from stock options. We will design, fabricate, and install a glass and stainless steel railings system to compliment any environment.


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Bombardier Case Study

Case Study


Client: Bombardier

Location: Howard Beach AirTrain Station


The Challenge: Design and fabricate a railing display within the current environment at the JFK Howard Beach AirTrain Station that would integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.


The Solution: Parabit designed, fabricated and installed a glass and stainless steel railings display, which also allows to the display of promotional advertising. The railing is made of high-quality, vandal-resistant stainless steel. From concept to completion, our dedicated staff provided on-site prep, scheduling, project reports, and delivery coordination to complete the project as planned. 

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