Facility & Safety Sensors

Facility & Safety sensors give you the information you need about your facility. Use these sensors to automate functions like lighting or lobby access, set customized alerts for events like loitering or door ajar, and control your lobby remotely with integrated shutdown support.


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Active Presence Detection

Single Customer Access

This high-definition presence detector is used to monitor and detect activity within an ATM Lobby. Use it in conjunction with an automatic door lock to limit the number of people allowed in the lobby at a time. Mounting the unit to the ceiling prevents blind spots, and the sensor width can be calibrated as to not be activated by activity outside the lobby. 


Loitering Detection

By combining the door sensor and human presence detector, you can detect individuals who may be overstaying their welcome. This can trigger a silent alert to security personnel to check on the area, offer a verbal warning if integrated with a speaker system or anything else you would like to do with that information.


Human Presence Detection


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Light Sensor

Low Light Lockdown

Proper lighting is a core security measure in every environment – our light sensor knows if gets too dark. Parabit’s light sensor is a cost-effective, reliable product to measure low light or no light conditions. Use in ATM lobbies, vestibules, drive-ups, walk-ups, dormitories, restrooms, stairwells, hallways, and more.

The Light Sensor interfaces to any alarm panel and if the lighting falls below the pre-programmed setting of foot-candle illumination, the light sensor sends a warning to the monitoring station, alerting you of the poor light condition. You can even set your doors to lock until the lighting situation is fixed, and then automatically resume normal function once the lighting situation is resolved.


Door Sensor


Door Supervision and Remote Lockdown

The door sensor is an integral part of a complete sensor security solution. It may seem simple, but it's the best way to ensure that the door is closed when it's supposed to be, and is crucial to any automatic or remote lockdown routines. Past that, it alerts you if the door is ajar, which may mean it is being propped open or held open by a visitor. It can work in conjunction with Human Presence Detection to know if visitors are loitering. It can let you know how many visitors you have in a day, and help limit the number of people in the lobby at any one time.