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Antimicrobial Film

APRIL 3, 2020

Improve safety and build customer confidence by protecting common touchpoints with Antimicrobial film. Patented silver ion technology delivers proven efficiency of 99.99% bacteria reduction and prevents the formation of biofilm.

This permanent solvent-based acrylic adhesive is conformable, waterproof, safe for use on skin, easy to clean and lasts up to 5 years indoors. Overlays can be applied to any surface or common touchpoint – from counters and touch screens to door handles and exit devices. They are available as a turnkey solution installed by  Parabit, or as a product kit that you can apply.


End of Life Product Notice 

ACS-1E ATM Lobby Access System


Parabit Systems provides the highest quality ATM lobby card access control with skimming detection and remote facilities management solutions to our customers. Our commitment to quality includes proactive and efficient management of the Parabit Systems product life cycle process to ensure a streamlined portfolio that helps you easily select the right solution. This process also provides operational efficiencies for Parabit Systems and our partners, helping us to deliver on our commitment to improving our product lead times and the way we do business together.


We will maintain an inventory of the identified products to support service requirements for a period of two (2) years. No future firmware or software development will be implemented to support the ACS-1E ATM Access Control Panel as of the date of this notice, the following Parabit Systems products for ATM lobby card access control solutions will be discontinued effective September 9, 2019:

  • ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet PCI Firmware                                           # 200-10102

  • ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet PCI Firmware                                           # 200-10102-15

  • ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/ Ethernet Full Mask Firmware                                # 200-10102-M

  • ACS-1EV1 2nd Card Reader PCB                                                                            # 200-10103

  • ACS-1E 4 Port Input / Output PCB                                                                       # 200-10110

  • ACS-1E Modem Board                                                                                             # 200-10137

  • ACS-1E ACS-1E-ETH Main PCB w/Ethernet Firmware w/ Standard Case  # 200-10126

  • All related Kits and any other products that contain an ACS-1E(V1) PCB

Information on our latest ACS-1EUL ATM lobby card access control solution, related services and other innovative products within our ACS family of ATM lobby access control systems are available on our website as well as via our sales associates at sales@parabit.com or 516-378-4800 press 2 upon auto attendant greeting 

Please contact your Parabit sales representative for any questions regarding this information. Thank you for your continued business and interest in Parabit Systems products. 

Software Via Cellular Services

ATM Lobbies and Self-Service Banking

MARCH 12, 2019

Eliminate the risk of network security exposure as well as the time and expense of network certification. Parabit’s Cellular Services provide a seamless, rapid deployment of ACS Enterprise and supporting Service Software to deliver comprehensive remote facilities monitoring and management for ATM lobbies and self-service banking environments. Developed with Ventus, this product offers strict adherence to the most current IPSecurity security standards, configurations, and PCI DSS certifications.

Patent Infringement

Parabit Systems, Inc. Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit

FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Parabit Systems, Inc. today announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against named Defendants, Synergistics, Inc., Millenium Group, Inc., Island Master Locksmith Inc., IML Security, Gregory I. Goldman, Cathy T. Goldman, Steven R. London and Marc Seidenberg. In the Complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Civil Action Number 19-Civ-0888, Parabit alleges that the Defendants in the lawsuit have infringed and continue to infringe one of Parabit's patents, specifically U.S. Patent No. 8,523,072, entitled "Card Reader Protection System." This valuable patent protects Parabit's pioneering development in, and relates to, card reader protection systems, in particular, devices, systems and methods for detecting card reader skimming devices. The unauthorized use, manufacture or sale of Defendants' allegedly infringing products violates Parabit's patent rights in this technology. Parabit's lawsuit therefore seeks both a permanent injunction and damages in an amount to be determined at trial.


The New MMR
The Latest in Access Control Systems:


AUGUST, 2016

Parabit Systems will reveal its latest and unique Access Control Systems product at the ASIS International 2016 conference in Orlando FL. This summer. The Multi Media Reader (MMR) is designed to interact with Near Field Communication (NFC) Devices. The MMR will work with contactless EMV cards, mobile devices (smartphones and wearable tech), as well as magnetic stripe cards. Whether the device OS is Apple or Android, Parabit’s MMR will seamlessly work with it. Smartphones and Wearable Tech need to have NFC chip set, have NFC communication ENABLED, and have the phone powered on and unlocked. There is NO SPECIFIC APP REQUIRED to use the MMR, as it interfaces at the hardware level. The MMR does not interface/interact at the
application level on smartphones/wearable tech – it only interfaces/interacts at the pre-activation levels. The MMR does not initiate any financial transaction. The MMR will also work with debit/credit card only magnetic stripe cards, or bank ISO encoded magnetic stripe ATM cards w/ NYCE BIN exception lookup, or straight card number look up/exact match (card number table lookup).


The MMR contains Parabit’s patented SkimGard® technology to detect most skimming attempts of the MMR
card reader as well as RFID reader skimming detection. 

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