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Enhance Store Security and Operations

Addressing the challenge of theft requires a comprehensive approach that includes implementing security measures, training employees on theft prevention, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies to deter and apprehend thieves. By proactively addressing theft-related challenges, retail stores can create a safer and more secure environment for their customers and employees while protecting their business interests.

Store theft remains an ongoing concern for retailers, posing significant financial burdens and security challenges. From shoplifting to organized retail crime, businesses are in a constant battle to protect their merchandise. In this blog post, we will highlight one effective solution that has emerged to combat theft: height strip housings. These discreet yet powerful tools provide an innovative approach to deter and detect theft, helping stores safeguard their assets and maintain profitability. Join Parabit as we delve into the benefits and effectiveness of height strip housings in addressing the challenges faced by retailers in the ever-evolving landscape of store theft.


While height strips are somewhat effective in identifying evildoers, they rely on witness memory which may not always be accurate. Parabit Height Strip Camera Housings combine the benefits of a height strip with the ability to capture facial images of a potential criminal and install them in any standard door frame or mullion. Unlike an overhead security camera, housings perfectly frame a person's face, making identification easy. Housings are available for single or multiple cameras at different heights.


1. Implementing Height Strip Camera Housings demonstrates a commitment to customer safety. 2. Capture high-resolution footage discreetly within the height strip, ensuring the safety of the premises. 3. Automate height verification, saving time and resources for more critical tasks. 4. Seamlessly blend the housing with any architectural style while respecting privacy. 5. Compatible with existing security infrastructure.

Download the Height Strip Mult Cam Housing Datasheet here.

Download the Height Strip Housing Datasheet here.

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