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Eliminate Robberies and Deter Crime with Parabit Surveillance Camera Housings

parabit surveillance camera housing

The Council on Criminal Justice reported that in 2022,

"Robberies and theft increased by 19% in small and large cities."

Parabit strives to make a safer environment for staff, patrons, and vendors. Should the unthinkable happen, Surveillance cameras improve the field of view for security investigations and advance analytics, like biometrics or AI deep learning. The lack of quality recording of facial images is a frequent showstopper for law enforcement investigations.

As noted in an article published by the the Economic Journal, studies show that Surveillance Cameras reduce crime and improve security and investigations. Mikael Priks wrote,

"Beginning in 2006, surveillance cameras were installed in subway stations at different points in time. Difference-in-difference analysis reveals that introduction of the cameras reduced crime by approximately 25% at stations in the city centre.

Surveillance Cameras secure and deter throughout countless industries, inside and outside of facilities everywhere.

“There are so many other problems that they need to think about beyond just bank robberies,” says Gates, who now serves as President of security consultancy GMR 410. “There’s insider threat, there’s fraud, workplace violence, active shooter, extremism, mental health challenges and domestic and foreign terrorism.”

Aside from theft, which is already one of the most prominent challenges in banking and credit unions today, insider threats, fraud, workplace violence, and more, can be caught on camera using facial imaging capture, optimizing line of sight.

Parabit Surveillance Camera Housing options include:

· BR Glass Mounts

· Counter/Turnstile Mounts

· Doorway/Turnstile & Wall Mounts

· Drive Up Mounts

· ATM Brackets

· Loss Prevention

· Height Strip

Surveillance Camera Housings accommodate all makes and models of miniature and modular cameras and camera sensors that optimize camera positioning, providing the best line of facial sight as well as flexible installation options.


Deliver high quality line of sight and facial image capture supporting biometrics, edge analytics, AI and DLPU. Made of lightweight, durable material, supporting AXIS Communications camera models.


While height strips are somewhat effective to identify evildoers, they rely on witness memory which may not always be accurate. Now Parabit provides a solution to that problem with the Height Strip Camera Housing. Combining the benefits of a height strip with the ability to capture a facial image of a potential criminal, they install in any standard door frame or mullion. Unlike an overhead security camera, these housings provide the perfect framing of a persons face, making identification easy. Housings are available for a single camera or for multiple cameras at different heights. Protect the premises with a Parabit Height Strip Housing.

woman behind glass at an office with a BR glass surveillance camera housing attached to it


For customer service, banking, retail transaction, embarkment, disembarkment, border control, and security checkpoints, look no further than the Counter Mount to secure your employees and assets.

women at a counter with a surveillance camera housing on counter


Parabit’s Doorway & Wall Mount Camera housings offer flexible installation options to provide effective line of sight and facial image capture of entries, exits, power grids, schools, loading docks, jet bridges, man traps, and more, while also supporting biometric time and attendance for staff and vendors.

surveillance camera doorway housing mullion


Our Dual and Triple Gang Wave to Open devices also support the addition of a Miniature Camera or Camera Sensor that consolidates two security products within a single device.

wave to open switch with camera


Parabit secures your Drive-Up services by simultaneously capturing faces and license plates via biometrics and LPR. Dual and Single Drive-up cameras support drive-up order placement to serve customer time analytics.

drive up camera housing


Supports pinhole, slotted, midsize, and fisheye camera sensors

Optimized sensor positioning

Pristine facial image capture

Sleek, durable designs

With hundreds of Surveillance Camera Housing products shipping every week, join the many industries investing in surveillance, security, and human safety — an act approved by law enforcement.

High-quality security, self-service, and customer experience solutions.

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