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Every day Parabit helps people move through life safely, accessibly and securely. 

Parabit is a leading global provider of innovative security and self-service hardware and software solutions. Known for quality, reliability and durability, our full range of services includes product design, software design and development, engineering services, prototyping, manufacturing, integration, logistics, installation, reporting and service. With a rich tradition of performance excellence in public deployments, our turn-key solutions secure facilities and transform the customer experience.


Parabit offers full circle solutions. We can design, build, program and install a solution tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you just need a small addition to increase security, or a full

turn-key solution to give you full control, we have you covered.


All of our products have been designed from the ground up for maximum impact with minimal fuss. We use high-quality materials and build everything in the USA. See why so many customers come to us when then need something that is designed to work and built to last.


We provide solutions for almost every industry you can think of. Go to one of our industry pages to get an idea of how we could improve your current situation.