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Parabit’s digital signage kiosks are equipped to interact with smartphones, allowing users access to content on digital displays via QR code and Bluetooth® technology. These engaging marketing tools can be configured to store over 10,000 HD images and videos while offering information in multiple languages. Kiosks can be customized to provide advanced features to meet specific project requirements, and are available with custom colors and graphics to deliver branded messaging.



Turn any Kiosk or Display into Fun, Engaging, Interactive Digital Signage!

eTract is a cost effective, interactive digital signage option.  Not every facility requires enterprise digital signage software – don’t spend extra for bells and whistles you don’t need. 

With eTract, you can display advertising, play videos, link digital signage images/videos to additional content or a website.  Enhance self-service  with a reliable software you can customize.


A visitor can be detected up to 15 feet away and the kiosk's screen will change. Users can then interact with the kiosk using a touchscreen display and search for products, local hotels, things to do, directions, coupons, and more.  The kiosk offers access to a restricted web browser – so you can track user engagement and advertising. With the courtesy phone option, users can access a digital phone directory. This is very convenient for retail locations, airports, banks, college campuses, hospitals, hotels, museums, and places where cell phone service is poor.

Easy to use: Remotely change content and configuration via our eTract remote content and configuration application. Simply drag and drop new files and the content updates automatically.

Etract software digital signage Kiosk


Go Green, stop wasting money on printed materials, and track usage with electronic brochures.


eBrochure is a simple, cost-effective digital signage solution that displays beautiful electronic brochures. Replace your outdated paper brochure racks with an interactive touchscreen solution. Now, your customers can review content, and then forward a digital copy to their email address or smartphone via QR Code.

Opt-in marketing: with eBrochure you can track how often an electronic brochure is downloaded, and you will receive a report of users who provided email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Send targeted promotions based on their interests.

Increase Revenue: Every electronic brochure you display is an opportunity for advertisers to sponsor content. Our reporting system lets you know which sponsors are getting the most interest and brochure downloads.

Integrate eBrochure with a customized kiosk by Parabit. Large format digital display presence enhances your brand and the customer experience.

eBrochure digital signage Kiosk


A complete wayfinding solution for any facility and budget.


Mobile compatible, custom designs, and eye catching graphics.

Wayfinding that is easy to update: Move beyond static signage with a digital wayfinding kiosk from Parabit. Your wayfinding will be easier to update in case of a new build or remodeling. Show branded messages to increase revenue streams. Or, take over the screen with an emergency message. Improve security and enhance self service.

Modern: Effective wayfinding is based on human behaviors and modern trends in design. Parabit’s wayfinding software is designed to let your visitors know exactly where they are and where they are headed in your facility. It is important to show information at strategic points, to guide your visitors. We have the solution for any number of locations, indoors or outdoors, at your airport, campus, museum, hospital, transportation hub, and mall.

Total mobile and kiosk solution: We manufacture custom kiosks for any facility and budget. With a kiosk equipped with our software, you will have a clear, consistent visual communication system. Additionally, by integrating a Parabit kiosk with our software, your visitors can easily download a map and directions to their mobile devices.

Wayfinding digital signage kiosk

Flight, Bus, and Train

information system

Display modern, reliable flight information to your airport passengers (Flight Information Displays / FIDs). Parabit also provides Bus and Train Information Display Software.  It’s digital, it’s bright, it’s cheerful.  Parabit can support updates to flight information displays, 24/7/365.  We offer a total solution, with FIDs software, remote services, installation, and maintenance. Also, we can manufacture custom designs and displays. Flight information never looked so good.


With top airport and airline clients relying on Parabit, you can trust that we are the industry expert you need to enhance the passenger experience.  No matter the size of your terminals, Parabit offers FIDs that can be scaled to fit your infrastructure and budget.


Our FIDs (flight information display software) does all this:

  • Shows up to date flight information

  • Excites passengers with a modern look and feel

  • Lets your brand shine with custom graphics

  • Mobile integration – so passengers can view their flight information on their phone or tablet

  • Hardware and enclosure installation available

Trust Parabit for powerful FIDs products – installations and software you need to manage and display flight information exactly the way you want.

FIDs 2 Screens

Security & Surveillance

Self Service

Design & Fabrication

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