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Correctional Facilities Environment

Enhance facility security with products designed by a leader in the security business. Many of our products are readily adapted to the challenges of correctional facilities, and some products are designed exclusively for those environments.

The Parabit drive up camera enclosures can simultaneously capture a driver’s face along with vehicle license plates. Enhance the security at all entrances and exits to permit those authorized to enter and leave the perimeter.

Parabit Vandal resistant telephone with keypad also used as a courtesy phone in a facility for corporate office buildings, government buildings
A man in a car reaching his hand out of the window to check in to a machine with the Parabit Drive-up camera enclosure installed on a yellow bollard for monitoring outside of a facility for monitoring and surveillance

Parabit provides rugged inmate phones made of galvanized steel and armored cables that stand up to the worst abuse. Emergency telephones provide superior communication with a reliable design. Phones can be programmed remotely to communicate with your security department.

Our lightweight, durable Counter housings provide line-of-site facial image capture. They support biometrics, edge analytics, AI, and DLPU. They are easily installed and support many brands of miniature cameras.

Two woman at a desk in a corporate facility with Parabit Counter mount Discreet Camera Enclosures housing surveillance camera sensor to prevent note passing burglaries and retail theft using facial recognition, AI and biometrics
Parabit Doorway Mullion with 1" collar enclosure mounted to corporate office building doorway with slotted camera sensor opening at the front in silver including facial recognition and facial image capture for surveillance and hidden cover camera monitoring and fisheye camera installed

Can be installed into any standard door frame mullion at public entries and exits, or any strategic location. Camera enclosures provide line of site facial image capture. They support biometrics, edge analytics, AI and DLPU. They are easily installed and support many brands of miniature cameras.

Self-service kiosks enhance security, increase visitor satisfaction, and streamline the check-in process. Our kiosks are available in multiple configurations and support facilities of any size to optimize check-in for visitors, staff, and vendors.

The Athena Pedestal Kiosk installed outside of a retail store or corporate office building for self-service visitor management check-in customer service
Bank branch or credit union ATM lobby lights off with Parabit Light sensor detecting the low light levels and sending an alert through the Parabit access control system

Effective light supervision should be maintained and monitored in all public areas to mitigate risk exposure in stairwells, parking lots, or any unstaffed public access area. Light sensors monitor a decrease or increase of set illumination in both indoor and outdoor installations.

This high-definition presence detector is used to monitor and detect activity within a secure area. Mounting the unit to the ceiling prevents blind spots, and the sensor width can be calibrated as to not be activated by activity outside the secure area. 

Three people in red loitering in a bank or credit union financial institution lobby and the Parabit Active Presence detector is detecting crime, loitering and vagrancy sending remote monitoring alerts
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